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    Home Education - EL7

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    Non-Traditional Student Deadlines


    Non-traditional students must register their intent to participate at a school before participating in the sport. A student who registered intent with a school during the previous school year and wishes to participate in the SAME sport(s) and has not changed affiliation in any other sport with a different school, does not need to re-register intent. To register intent, one or more of the following forms may be used (the exact forms depend on the type of non-traditional student):

    EL2 Form (must be completed each year) - Sports physical

    EL3 Form (must be completed each year) - Consent & Release from Liability Certificate (completed through Athletic Clearance)

    EL7 Form - Home Education Students only

    EL12 Form - Non-FHSAA member private schools only

    A student cannot have intent registered at more than one school at the same time, i.e. same sport season. If a student chooses to register intent at another school during the same school year, the transfer rules in Bylaw 9.3.2 and state statute § 1006.15(9), F.S. will apply.

    There is no longer a specific deadline date to register intent. Intent must be registered before any participation in the desired sport. However, to take full advantage of the athletic experience, a student should register intent before the first day of allowable practice for the desired sport. Also note, as per Bylaw, local school or school district rules may be more stringent.

    Contact the GCHS Activities Office for more information!