• Vision and Mission

    Our vision at eCollier Virtual Academy is to empower all students to achieve their potential through digital innovation. 

    Our mission at eCollier Virtual Academy is to provide a high-quality, technically comprehensive, and meaningful education for all students. An enriching and flexible online experience will be created through teacher, parent, and student collaboration. 


    Why choose eCollier Academy?

    • Learning pathways personalized to fit student and family needs
    • Flexible instructional model offered
    • Follows a high-performing model of Collier County Public Schools’ teaching and learning
    • Support and guidance from Collier County staff
    • Access to CCPS and FLVS resources
    • Participation in FLVS clubs and CCPS sports or extracurricular activities
    • Enrollment at eCollier Virtual Academy keeps education funding in Collier County
    • FLVS curriculum uses state-adopted standards
    • FLVS teachers and staff are supportive and available
    • FLVS platform is user-friendly


    What can my child expect at eCollier Virtual Academy?

    • Enrollment is a full semester commitment once the semester starts
    • Follows CCPS Academic Calendar
    • Dedicated school assistant principal focused on helping eCollier Virtual Academy students succeed
    • We assist new students and their families during and after the transition to eCollier Academy
    • Through collaborative outreach, we work diligently to foster the connection between eCollier Virtual Academy and the families we serve.
    • Spend a minimum of 4-6 hours daily on school work
    • Easy to follow FLVS Pacing Guide for every class to ensure completion and submission of each week's assigned work by Sunday of each week
    • Be supported by the at home e-Learning Coach-The adult at home responsible for making sure your child's completing his or her work
    • Strengthen communication and collaboration skills through virtual learning model
    • Attend or watch recording of live lessons by teachers to practice skills and strategies to deepen understanding of content
    • Participate in person for all state and national assessments