• Vision and Mission

    Our vision at eCollier Virtual Academy is to empower all students to achieve their potential through digital innovation. 

    Our mission at eCollier Virtual Academy is to provide a high-quality, technically comprehensive, and meaningful education for all students. An enriching and flexible online experience will be created through teacher, parent, and student collaboration. 


    About eCollier Virtual Academy

    As a part of the A-rated Collier County Public Schools, eCollier Virtual Academy serves students from grades Kindergarten through 8. Free enrollment features local instruction and support — based on the high-performing tradition of CCPS — while offering students innovative education in a format that best fits their needs.

    Founded in the summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, eCollier Virtual Academy offers a flexible instructional model through a diverse and rich educational experience.

    Dr. Denise Lindheim (Secondary) was selected to be the first Principal of eCollier Virtual Academy. Through collaborative outreach, our locally based faculty and staff at eCollier Virtual Academy work diligently to foster the connection between eCollier Virtual Academy and the families we serve. 


    Why choose eCollier Academy?

    • Learning pathways personalized to fit student and family needs
      • Flexible instructional model offered
      • Follows high-performing model of Collier County Public Schools’ teaching and learning
    • Instruction and support from Collier County teachers and staff
    • Enrollment in eCollier Virtual Academy keeps education funding in Collier County
    • Dedicated school principal focused on helping eCollier Virtual Academy students succeed
    • We assist new students and their families during and after the transition to eCollier Academy
    • Through collaborative outreach, we work diligently to foster the connection between eCollier Virtual Academy and the families we serve.


    What can my child expect at eCollier Virtual Academy?

    • Spend a minimum of 4-6 hours daily on school work
    • Login to his or her teacher(s) classes daily to be marked present for attendance(Monday-Friday)
    • Complete and submit each week's assigned work by Sunday of each week
    • Be supported by the at home e-Leaening Coach-The adult at home responsible for making sure your child's completing his or her work
    • Communicate with the classroom and related arts teachers to ensure your child is on track to meeting the standards
    • Attend live lessons or sessions requested by te teachers to practice skills and stategies and deepen understanding of content
      (highly recommended and necessary for students performing below grade level)


    Ready to enroll at eCollier Virtual Academy?