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  • University of Miami Summer Scholars Program

    Would you like an opportunity to build an architectural portfolio, develop a business plan, or meet executives from collegiate and professional sport administrations while earning college credit? The University of Miami Summer Scholars Program enables students to discover their academic passion while preparing for college success.

    Students in the 2021 Summer Scholars Program will explore possible career paths, learn from renowned UM faculty, and connect with other high-achieving high school students in one of the following options delivered in a synchronous, remote format:

    • The three-week option will run from July 4, 2021, to July 23, 2021, and provide high school sophomores and juniors the chance to earn six college credits
    • The two-week option will run from July 4, 2021, to July 16, 2021, and provide high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors a noncredit, immersive experience

    Receive a $25 application fee waiver*

    When students enter the “GUIDANCE” waiver code on page five of the application by the Priority Application Deadline of February 1, 2021, they can:

    • Reduce the cost of the application fee by $25
    • Secure priority in their preferred academic specialty
    • Receive their acceptance status earlier

    *The waiver code expires on February 1, 2021. Applications must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. EST on February 1, 2021. Please note that refunds or discounts cannot be issued once the application has been submitted.

    Yale Virtual Session & Current Student Conversation

    Explore Yale from Home:

    We invite students to...

    • Join a Virtual Information Session co-hosted by an admissions officer and a Yale student.
    • Ask Yale students anything in a Virtual Student Forum - a live Q&A session with no admissions officers or parents.  
    • Explore Yale's exceptional science and engineering programs in a Virtual STEM Student Forum with current Yale STEM majors who conduct research in some of Yale's 1,200+ labs.  

    Visit for a full collection of Yale online events this fall, including events with other colleges and universities.

    Virtual Tour: Explore campus from anywhere in the world with the Yale Virtual Tour. Select stunning 360° panoramic views of Residential College dormitories, athletic facilities, the Peabody Museum of Natural History, and more.

    Estimate your Yale Cost in 3 Minutes: Yale's Quick Cost Calculator provides a personalized estimate of your family's Yale cost, accounting for financial aid.

    Admissions Brochure: You can't pick up a copy from the lobby of the admissions office, but you can still browse a digital version of the Undergraduate Prospectus.

    Yale Courses: Dozens of undergraduate lecture courses are available free online for viewing and listening through Open Yale Courses.

    New Podcast: Inside the Yale Admissions Office: The admissions office recently launched a podcast featuring firsthand accounts of how officers read applications, make decisions within the Admissions Committee, and collaborate with other offices and resource centers. Learn more and listen wherever you get your podcasts.

    University of Chicago First Things First Webinar Series

    We hope you and your loved ones are doing well during this time! As the academic year begins, your students may be wondering how they can leverage their ideas and interests to make a lasting impact on the world. Their ability to affect change can be enhanced by their education, especially in college, and high school students—especially those just beginning the process—can access more exciting opportunities than ever before to help them confidently navigate their path to college.

    UChicago Admissions is proud to host First Things First, a monthly webinar series all about the importance of and value in being first—whether your students are going to be the first in their family to attend college, the first to move out of state, or the first to try something completely new and different, breaking new ground and forging a new path can lead to amazing things in your students' future. First Things First will provide information on how to navigate the application process and and resources to help your students achieve success, and will feature UChicago faculty voices, alumni perspectives, and more! See below for information and registration links for upcoming sessions. We hope you will share these opportunities with your students!

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you and your students at an event!  

     Northwestern’s Fall 2020 Regional Outreach

    1. We’ve recently launched a vlog series, Applied Learning, which brings admission directors together to discuss broad topics like researching colleges when you can’t visit, application essays, and financial aid. We hope these informal dialogs will bring useful insights while stressing for students that there is no single way to approach the college search nor magic formula for a successful application. We also hope that our conversational approach in these videos will encourage students to be themselves throughout this process, too. The newest vlog in the series, “Anatomy of a Holistic Review,” is scheduled to premiere tomorrow, 9/12. Note that this series is meant for any college-bound student, whether or not they’re considering Northwestern.
    2. For students who do want to learn more about Northwestern, my most recent blog shares general updates on our fall outreach. We’ve teed up a wide range of digital programs, many with live Q&A. Students can visit our YouTube channel for the full archive, and register for future programs on our website

      3. Finally, like many colleges, we have shifted to a test-optional policy for the coming cycle. We imagine it’s becoming difficult to parse the variations of test-optional unfolding across the college admission landscape, so we invite students to visit our online FAQs for specifics on how to approach their Northwestern application. But the bottom line is simple: Northwestern applications for the coming cycle can stand strong without any external exam scores, and our review process will remain grounded in a holistic approach coupled with a commitment to college access.

    Learn about Amherst College from current students from Florida!

    I hope that you and your loved ones are both healthy and well. The COVID-19 public health crisis has upended many aspects of life, including the ability to travel widely. While these restrictions prevent us from visiting your schools, I do not want them to limit your ability to learn more about what makes Amherst special. 


    Amherst College

    220 South Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA 01002  
    Phone: (413) 542-2328 * Fax: (413) 542-2040 

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