• Administration
    Jill Rexford - Principal
       It is our pleasure to welcome you to Estates Elementary School for the 2018-2019 school year. We areextremely proud of our “A” school and committed to the success of every student. We work hard to ensure that our students are successful in an environment based upon our “PAWS” expectations.  These expectations are P-Prepared, A-Act Safely, W-Welcome and Celebrate Differences, and S-Stop and Think.  We are proud to use Positive Behavior Support and to be a PBS model school at Estates Elementary School.


    This year our theme is Find Your F.I.R.E. for Learning. F.I.R.E. stands for Focused, Innovative,Resilient, and Esteemed. We are so proud of our school and community and cannot wait to see our students ignite their love of learning this year. We invite you to use the hashtag #FindYourFIRE on Twitter to share your child’s accomplishments. Don’t forget to tag us @EESPanthers! We lookforward to forming and continuing positive, lasting relationships with our families and othercommunity members, and welcome your active participation in the education of your children. Wehope that you will consider serving on our School Advisory Council, in our Parent TeacherOrganization, or volunteering to help at school and on field trips. We have included our important dates in this handbook for you to make arrangements to be in attendance at our informative, educational, and engaging events throughout the school year.


    We are pleased to have a number of security features in place for the safety of your children and our staff. Some of these features have been enhanced district wide this year. Security cameras arepositioned at various locations throughout the building and enable us to monitor school entrances.

    • When arriving at the main entrance, you will have to ring the buzzer for entrance.
    • An office staff member will ask you for your name, your child’s name, and the reason you are visiting campus today.
    • You will need to show a picture ID while outside of the front office door.
    • If you are here for a meeting, you will need to have an appointment.
    • Once cleared for entry, the office staff will allow you into the school lobby. 
    • To expedite the screening process, please have your I.D. ready for screening/approval upon entering.
    • Once inside, you will then continue on to the normal screening process utilizing our visitor management system. 
    • You must wear your visitor’s pass in a prominent place throughout your visit.
    • Please make sure to sign out when leaving campus.


    Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas that you may have. Again,welcome to Estates Elementary!

    Warm Regards,

    Jill Rexford


     Margaux Horne
    Margaux Horne - Assistant Principal

    Welcome back to another great year at Estates Elementary School! I am excited to see our students begin this 2018-2019 school year. I am so honored to be returning as your assistant principal. I look forward to continued work with our community, parents and students as we “Light our F.I.R.E. for Learning”.

    Many of you have heard me talk about how important being on time and having good attendance is for our students. Being in school is a large predictor of academic success. We will continue our push towards higher attendance rates this year. Please continue to check our social media outlets for our attendance rates! Remember, on time, every day, all day!

     Just a few reminders about attendance:

    • School begins at 8:25. Students will be counted tardy if they are not in class at that time. That does not mean dropped off at 8:25.
    • Try to schedule appointments after school, on early release days or non-school times to avoid being absent.
    • If you are attending an appointment, please be sure to provide the school with proper documentation so the absence can be excused.
    • If your student will be out, please contact the front office to verify the absence. While it is unexcused until properly documented, it verifies that you are aware the student is gone.

     We want to make you aware of several different priorities we have set in place to ensure our students have strong Social Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunities.

     New Student 30-60-day Check In- This priority will focus on students’ sense of belonging and relationships. The school counselor will meet with new students during the first 30 and 60-day period to ensure a smooth transition to Estates Elementary.

    • Buddy Bench- This priority focuses on social awareness and friendships on playgrounds, while promoting an inclusive school community. A Buddy Bench is where a student can go when he/she is feeling lonely at recess. Friendship ambassadors will be trained to look around to see if a classmate is using the bench and invite them to play.
    • Video Announcements- This priority focuses on Social Emotional Learning competencies such as resilience, empathy and tolerance. These 5-8 minute videos twice a month are designed to expose students to these strategies and develop skills to strengthen them.
    • SEL Student Voice Survey- This priority values a safe, supportive and positive learning environment. Student Voice will provide students opportunity to tell us what they think about their experiences at school and how staff can best support them socially and emotionally. These anonymous results will allow us to address overall school-wide trends.