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  • SCIENCE: "Fun with Air Density"
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  • "Fun with Air Density"
    Our CCPS Science Coordinators will be raising the temperature with some hot air by teaching students about solar energy, density, air pressure, and convection! Did you know that we can demonstrate HOT AIR rising right outside your classroom? This is especially fun because we are at SEA LEVEL. The pressure is the greatest here and only decreases as you get higher in altitude. Join us and watch how fast our balloon takes off!


    What is SOLAR ENERGY? Solar energy is created from the light and heat that come from the SUN!

    How do we use SOLAR ENERGY? Solar energy can be used in a variety of ways from heating and lighting homes and businesses to generating electricity.

    Did you know that you can create your own SOLAR OVEN that uses energy from the sun to heat things up? Follow the directions below to build your own solar oven to toast marshmallows!


    • A sunny day and some marshmallows
    • A pizza box (*a shoebox can also be used)
    • Newspaper
    • Scissors, tape, and a ruler
    • Black construction paper
    • Plastic wrap and aluminum foil

    DIRECTIONS (click here for visual instructions)

    1. Draw an 8.5" by 11" rectangle inside the lid of the pizza box

    2. Cut out the three sides of your rectangle along the three sides of the box top that opens. Fold the flap up along the uncut edge

    3. Cover the inside of the flap with foil, taping the edges

    4. Line the inside bottom of the box with black construction paper

    5. Use rolled up newspaper around the inside edges of the box to create insulation

    6. Tape a piece of plastic wrap to the lid inside the box, covering the hole you cut out. Tape it all the way around securely

    7. Put some marshmallows inside on the black paper and close the lid

    8. Prop the box at an angle facing the sun - you may need to use your ruler or a pencil to prop your flap open, too. You want to make sure the sun is hitting your marshmallows at a good angle!

    9. Toast and enjoy!

    Share your solar oven with us on social media! Remember to #CCPSSTEAM and tag @collierschools.

    What else can you cook in your oven? Cookies? Can you re-heat pizza?

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