• GED Testing


  • The official GED test consists of four subject areas each costing $32.00.
    • Mathematics (115 minutes)
    • Reasoning through Language Arts (150 minutes)
    • Science (90 minutes)
    • Social Studies (70 minutes)

    Candidates are strongly encouraged to participate in GED® preparation classes to maximize their time and money.

    What types of questions are on the test?

    The GED® test is made up of the following types of questions:
    • Multiple choice
    • Drag and drop
    • Hot spot (select an area)
    • Fill in the blank
    • Short answer
    • Extended response

    Practice Test:
    Try a few questions with this preview.
    Not too sure about these questions, let us help you!


  • To register for the official GED® test students must:
    • Go to GED.com
    • Create a personal account
    • Register for the test

    Test Takers Under 18
    Individuals under the age of 18 must have an Underage Waiver prior to scheduling for the test. In Florida, a student who is 16 or 17 years of age is required to meet the conditions set by the school district in which he/she resides or attends school. Collier County residents are encouraged to contact Joseph Martino for information on the specific requirements for testing.

    Ordering GED® Transcripts & Diplomas
    GED® Transcript and/or diploma may be ordered through GED.com

    For additional questions please contact:
    Joseph Martino
    GED Coordinator
    Collier County Public Schools
    3702 Estey Avenue
    Naples, FL 34104
    Email: MartinJ3@collierschools.com 


  • GED preparation classes are available in the mornings, afternoon, and evenings or online

    Students must:
    • have a laptop or desktop computer with reliable internet access
    • be able to complete a minimum of 10 hours a week of course work to participate
    • be 16 years or old
    • not be enrolled or required to be enrolled in secondary school
    • attend orientation and testing
    • pay $30 tuition per term 


  • There are two GED® testing locations in Collier County. One is located in Naples and the other location is in Immokalee.

    LWTC – Lorenzo Walker Technical College
    3702 Estey Ave, Naples • FL 34104
    239-377-1319 – Collier Adult Education Office

    iTECH - Immokalee Technical Collage
    508 N. 9th Street • Immokalees • FL 34142
    239-377-1319 – Collier Adult Education Office