• Toucan
    Providing engaging and individualized educational opportunities to motivate and inspire students to become independent and responsible lifelong learners.  
    Prepare students for a lifetime of success and provide a secure and trusting environment that challenges each student to reach his/her fullest potential. 

    Our Beliefs:

    • Student learning is the chief priority of the school. This should be the primary focus of the decisions impacting the work of the school.
    • All students can learn; therefore, students should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches/activities, modifications and strategies to support their learning.
    • A physically and emotionally safe inclusive environment promotes student learning.
    • Our school needs to function as a learning community committed to promoting continuous improvement.
    • Students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for supporting the school's mission.
    • The school and community will promote positive character traits and a respect for diversity.