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  • Attendance is important to academic success, and we will work with all of our students to help them achieve their best potential. We understand that there are reasons that students will need to miss school and we stress that communication with the school is key in working through attendance issues. We encourage students to bring in doctor's notes for any appointments during the school day or for illnesses that required a doctor’s visit. Please call into the absence line to report absences at (239) 377-1260 to help keep your student in good standing.  

    Make sure that your student checks their attendance in case they have been marked absent when they were in class. If this happens, then have your student reach out to their teacher.  

    Students who exceed 9 absences in a semester are eligible for credit denial. Credit denial means that a student who may otherwise pass the class would not receive credit for that course.  Students who are getting close to or exceed the 9 absences in a semester will have a letter sent home notifying the parent and student that they are at 7 absences and another when they have exceeded 9 days absent. Parents will be notified by the attendance office for an attendance meeting. Student who are habitually truant are eligible to have their license suspended until their school attendance has improved. All of these attendance procedures are per board policy and follow Florida statute. 

    Any further attendance concerns please reach out to Ms. Adams at (239) 377-1262