• Contact Us:

    Report Absences: (239) 377-1260

    General Concerns: (239) 377-1231


  • Students may only ride the bus that they are assigned to ride. They may not ride home on another bus unless there are extenuating circumstances that need to be explained and sent in writing to Student Services at the day before the requested bus pass. Please include a parent contact in the email. 

    Students are required to sign in and off of the bus with their student ID badge, so it is imperative that they have that on their person. 

    If you do not know your busing information, you may find it through this link:

    Collier County Public Schools has an app that allows you to track your student’s bus to help you know where your student is at all times and if there is a delay. You can find information on how to access and utilize this app at this link:

    If you have issues or concerns with transportation, you may contact area supervisor, Mrs. Claudia Sanchez, at (239) 377-0600 or reach out to Student Services if you do not get a response.