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Tardy and Detentions

  • Students marked tardy 6 or more times in a semester will start receiving detentions. The detention notice will be noted on the student’s tardy slip. If a student is unable to serve the detention by the due date or they are unsure of the due date, they should reach out to Mr. Gersonde through Canvas mail, and he will communicate with them. The expectation is that students serve their detentions on time or they will get ISS in addition to the detention.  

    Students must report to ISS, room 106, no later than 2:10 on the date of their detention. They will be released by 2:45 and must have their own ride home. If students have ISS, they will have to report to ISS by the tardy bell or they will receive a tardy or extended time in ISS.  

    Failure to serve detentions will also serve as an impediment to purchasing parking permits and other extra-curricular events.