• 2022-23 Parental and Family Involvement Policy (PFEP)

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    2022-2023 School Parental & Family Involvement Policy (PFEP)

    School: Lely Elementary School


    Each participating Title I public school must develop jointly with families a written school‐level Parent & Family Engagement Policy/ Plan (PFEP) that describes how the school will build family capacity [ESEA Section1116]. Please complete this form and uploaded in the ADNTITLE1SCHOOLS share drive.


    Please check all the boxes


    Involve the parents of children served in Title I, Part A in decisions about how Title I, Part A funds are spent.

    The school will be governed by the statutory definition of parental involvement, and will carry out programs, activities, and procedures in accordance with the definition outlined in Section 8101 of ESEA

    Jointly develop/revise with families the school parental involvement policy and distribute it to parents of participating children and make available the parental involvement plan to the local community.  SAC minutes need to be uploaded documenting the discussion and detailed feedback provided by parents on this plan

    Involve parents and families, in an organized, ongoing, and timely way, in the planning, review, and improvement of programs under this part.  Including the planning, review, and improvement of the school parental involvement policy and the joint development of the schoolwide program plan. SAC minutes need to be uploaded documenting the discussion and detailed feedback provided by parents on this plan

    Use the findings of the parental involvement policy review to design strategies for more effective parental involvement, and to revise, if necessary, the school’s Parent Engagement policy.  School will analyze the Title I Stakeholder survey data to develop this plan.

    Provide each family timely notice information regarding their right to request information on the professional qualifications of the student's classroom teachers and paraprofessionals

    Provide each family with timely notice when their child has been assigned or has been taught for four (4) or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is out of field

    Provide to each family an individual student report about the performance of their child on the state assessment in at least mathematics, language arts, and reading [ESEA Section1116]

    Publish complete PFEP in School website and share in social media.  School must upload proof of distribution with Title I required documentation.  


    Principal Name

    Holley Holland



    Principal Signature





    1. Involvement of Parents
      Describe how your school will involve the parents and families in an organized, ongoing, and timely manner, in the planning, review and improvement of Title I programs, including involvement in decision making of how funds for Title I will be used

    The School Advisory Council provides input regarding parental involvement at Lely Elementary School by meeting 8 times throughout the school years to review and update the school improvement plan and Title One program plan. All parents were asked to complete the Title I School Stakeholder Input Survey to provide input and suggestions on planning for use of Title I funds. Stakeholders were asked and encouraged to give feedback on the use of Title one funds during the SAC meeting which was advertised.

    1. Coordination and Integration with Other Federal Programs

    Describe how your school will coordinate and integrate parent and family engagement programs

    and activities with Other Federal Programs such as Migrant, Head Start, ELL, etc. Describe how your school will coordinate with other programs to integrate parent and family activities that teach parents how to help their children at home? [ESEA Section 1116]


    We are planning to host our Parent Institutes in coordination with FSCG Staff to provide parents with tools and support to help their children achieve success. Translation support will be provided.


    Various family activities will be held to encourage reading at home, ways to support math within the home and encouraging the exploration within science at home.


    Parent involvement activities are developed to align with school improvement initiatives and areas of greatest need for students. We work with our ELL and ESE staff to ensure that parent and family engagement events are planned to meet the diverse needs of all of our stakeholders.


    Our Head Start Liaison communicates with families regarding the program on a regular basis. Our teacher holds parent conferences in alignment with the Head Start guidelines.



    1. Annual Parent Meeting
      Describe the specific steps your school will take to conduct an annual Title I meeting designed to inform parents and families of participating children about the school’s Title I program

    A flyer is sent home to parents in three languages informing them of the Annual Meeting. Additionally, a phone dialer will go out utilizing Black Board and will be completed in 3 languages. We also post the meeting on our marquee. Twitter and Facebook are both used to share information with parents.

    Provide a description of the nature of the Title I Program that will be shared with parents and families (schoolwide or targeted assistance). Provide a description of how the meeting will cover the rights of parents at the annual meeting. Schools should use the Annual Title I PPT template provided by FSCG during this meeting

    The Title I budget, communication strategies, School Improvement Plan summary, parent involvement activities, and parent resources will be shared during the Annual Title I meeting. A document outlining the rights of parents will be given to each parent at the meeting.


    1. Flexible Parent Meetings
      Describe how the school will offer a flexible number of meetings, such as meetings in the morning or evening.

    Our SAC Committee members voted to hold meetings in the afternoon at various times to accommodate working parents.

    How will your school provide, with Title I funds, transportation, child care or home visits, as such services relate to parent and family engagement?

    Home visits will be conducted on an as needed basis with the exception of our Head Start program which will follow the Head Start guidelines.



    1. Building Capacity
      Please describe all activities that will address the following questions;
    • How will the school implement activities that will build the capacity for meaningful parent/family involvement?
    • How will the school implement activities that will build relationships with the community to improve student achievement?
    • How will the school provide materials and trainings to assist parents/families to work with their child(ren)?
    • How will the school provide other reasonable support for parent/family engagement activities?
    • How will the school coordinate and provide activities that support student transition (Kindergarten, Middle school, Highschool & College). List at least one activity to support transition.  

    Activity Name

    Activity Description and Content


    Annual Title I Meeting

    Each year we conduct an Annual Title I Meeting with our parents to keep them informed of our Title I funded initiatives.



    Provide information about the school and programs in multiple languages.


    Parent Information

    Monthly parent and Leader in Me tips in our school newsletter.


    Family Engagement

    STEAM and Literacy Nights providing engaging hands-on activities to enhance learning and parent engagement.

    1 per semester

    Curriculum Night/Mornings

    Parents will be invited to a curriculum morning in which grad level expectations will be shared, as well as have their child share their data and take them on a school tour.  This will be one on a different morning for each grade level to ensure we have translators available for all who need it.


    Student Led Conferences

    We plan to follow the Leader in Me Recommendations for students sharing achievement data with their parents.

    1 per semester

    5th Grade Transition

    5th Grade Students attend transition activity at their zoned middle school. LES shares middle school parent night information with families as appropriate.


    PreK Stars on Tour and Kinder Round-Up

    Incoming parents and students will be invited to participate in a rotation activity and learn about expectations for entering kindergarten. Pre-schools choosing to participate in Pre-K Stars on Tour will attend and participate in the above listed activities.



    1. Staff Training
      Describe the professional development activities the school will provide to educate the teachers, specialized instructional support personnel, principals, other school leaders and other staff with the assistance of parents/families on:
    • How to reach out, communicate, and work with parents/families as equal partners
    • The value and utility of contributions of parents/families
    • How to implement and coordinate parent/families programs, and build ties between parents and schools

    Teachers will receive parent involvement training to review best practices in communicating with parents and incorporation of Leader in Me. Our front office will continue to be trained in creating a welcoming school environment.


    1. Other Activities
      Describe other activities, such as the parent resource center, the school will conduct to encourage and support parents and families in more meaningful engagement in the education of their child(ren)?

    Print materials/resources were made available in our front office area for parents in multiple languages.


    We also have bilingual books that we will encourage families to utilize to read together as a family.


    1. Communication
      Describe how will your school provide timely information about the Title I programs (PFEP Plan, SIP, and any programs funded with Title I)

    A full description of the Title I program will be presented at the Annual Parent Meeting. Additionally, information about our Title I Program is available in our front office and is provided at our monthly SAC meetings. School communication is provided to parents on a regular basis through flyers, dialers, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    How will your school share with parents the curriculum at the school, the forms of assessment used to measure student progress and the achievement levels students are expected to obtain?

    Information regarding the curriculum, grade level expectations, and the assessments used to measure student performance will be provided by individual grade level teachers during curriculum mornings. The assessment calendars are posted on the school/District website.


    How, if requested by parents, will your school provide opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their child(ren)?

    Our school offers parents the opportunity to participate in parent conferences, MTSS discussions, ELL and IEP meetings, and more. These meetings will be scheduled by the parent or the school so the child’s individual progress can be discussed. Student Led Conferences are held twice per year for students to share their progress toward academic and behavioral goals with their parents. Monthly SAC meetings are also held to inform parents and community members about our school initiatives and student academic progress. Our PTO meets on a regular basis and provides parents the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities with their children.


    How will your school submit parents/families comments if the Schoolwide and Parent and Family engagement plans are not satisfactory to them?

    Parents are provided the opportunity to respond to the District Title I Parent Survey. Administrators review these results and take appropriate action when needed. Parents are also able to provide feedback through our SAC and PTO meetings. Our school administrators are also available via phone and email to support parent concerns.


    1. Accessibility
      Describe how your school offers parent/family engagement activities for all parents/families? (Including parents with limited English proficiency, disabilities, and migratory children).

    All parents/families, including those with limited English proficiency or with disabilities will have access to parental involvement activities and/or services through support staff, translators, materials sent home, and any other supports as needed.

    Describe how your school will share information related to school and parent/family programs, meetings, school reports, and other activities in an understandable, uniform format, and in languages that the parents/families can understand?

    Information is shared in a variety of formats and in three languages including English, Spanish, and Creole.


    1. Barriers
      Describe the barriers that hindered participation by parents during the previous school year. Include the steps the school will take during the upcoming school year to overcome the barriers (with particular attention paid to parents/families who are disabled, have limited English proficiency, and parents/families of migratory children)?

    Barrier (Including the Specific Subgroup)

    Steps the School will Take to Overcome

    Limited English proficiency

    Provide translators for all meetings and ensure school information is translated into three languages.

    Parents may not be able to attend due to work schedules.

    Try to schedule events at various time to accommodate different needs (when possible)

    1. Upload Evidence of Input from Parents on the development of the PFEP

    Upload a copy of SAC minutes that include statement that parents were given the opportunity to discuss and provide input on the FY23 Parent Involvement Policy (PFEP) prior to approval. Be specific with the feedback provided by parents.  Please upload document in your school folder in the Title I Drive - Teams.

    12.  Upload FY23 Parent-School Compact
    Upload an electronic version of the FY23 Parent-School Compact. Please upload document in your school folder in the Title I Drive - Teams.

    1. Upload Evidence of Parent Involvement in Development of Parent-School Compact
      Provide copy of SAC minutes that include statement that parents were given the opportunity to discuss and provide input on the FY23 Parent –School Compact prior to approval. Be specific with the feedback provided by parents. Please upload document in your school folder in the Title I Drive - Teams.






    Evaluation of the previous year's Parent and Family Engagement Plan

    Review your FY22 School Parent and Family Engagement Policy (PFEP) and complete the sections below. 

    1. Building Capacity Summary
      Provide a summary of activities provided during the 2021-2022 school year that were designed to build the capacity of parents to help their children. Include participation data on the Title I annual meeting, Parent Institute workshops and any other parent workshops. If activity was not completed, provide an explanation in the space below.

    Content and Type of Activity

    Number of Activities

    Number of Participants

    How did this activity built parent and family capacity to improve student achievement? If not completed, provide rationale.

    Annual Title I Meeting



    Families were given information on the supports that Title One Funds provide and how they can utilize them to better benefit their children.

    Curriculum Night



    Families were given an overview of the curriculum and expectations for the school year.  Teachers also provided information on how they could support their children at home.

    Family Game Night



    Families participated in various academic games that they could replicate at home support their student’s achievement.

    Reading training - Getting Kids to Love reading



    Parents were given tools to help identify appropriate reading levels for their child.  Parents then worked with their child to select books to be able to take home.

    Parent Family Fun Night and Book Fair



    Parents were able to be a part of many academic and fun games with their children.  The book fair also provided opportunities for students to buy books.  There were also book give aways.

    3rd grade Parent FSA informational  meeting



    Parents were given information about the 3rd grades FSA, retention law and supports.  This information helped support families in understanding the law and how they could support their child.


    1. Staff Training Summary

    Provide a summary of the professional development activities provided by the school during the 2021-2022 school year to educate staff on the importance of Parent and family engagement.  The value and utility of contributions of parents; how to reach out to, communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners; the implementation and coordination of parent programs; and how to build ties between parents and the school.

    Content and Type of Activity

    Number of Activities

    Number of Participants

    How did this activity built parent and family capacity to improve student achievement? If not completed, provide rationale

    Parent Engagement LES training



    New staff members participated in various activities that provided information on how to support families and how to actively engage them in their student’s learning.

    Parent Engagement in the MTSS process



    Instructional staff participated in hand-on activities that gave them experience identifying student needs and how to appropriately communicate the needs and supports to parents, as well as how to involve them in the process.  


    1. Review your FY22 School Parent and Family Engagement Policy (PFEP) Barriers Section.

    To what extent did your site implement the steps described in your PFEP?  How will Title I Parent and Family Engagement (PFE) funds be used to address the barriers that persist?

    Barrier (Including the Specific Subgroup)

    Steps the School took to Overcome


     (Full, Partial, Not Yet)


    All flyers and callers were done in 3 languages.  Translators were provided for every event.






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