• Superintendent Search

    The District School Board of Collier County has initiated a search for a new Superintendent of Schools. To assist and counsel the Board through this process, the District has retained the services of Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates (HYA), a consulting firm that specializes in assisting school boards in identifying and recruiting executive level educational leaders.

    This webpage will be the location for all communications and updates during the Superintendent search process. It will contain the timeline for the process, applicant information, and community input opportunities. We will update the website as new information becomes available.

    For questions regarding the Superintendent search process, please email suptsearch@collierschools.com.

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    After seeking extensive input from students, parents, district staff, and community members via interviews, focus groups, and a community survey, the Collier County Public Schools seeks a strong, knowledgeable, and transparent educational leader who possesses the following characteristics:

    An experienced educational leader who:

    • Prioritizes student achievement regardless of background, abilities, school, level of proficiency, or classification
    • Demonstrates the ability to connect at all levels in a diverse, complex, and growing community with different needs, expectations, and perspectives
    • Displays effective decision-making abilities regarding the organizational efficiencies of a large complex school district or organization
    • Builds upon the academic success of the school district and understands the cognitive science of developmental stages of learning to leverage instructional programming for all students
    • Has the ability to use data to drive thoughtful decisions, district goals and initiatives
    • Encourages student voice, values their perspective, and uses a system-wide whole child approach to support all the needs of all children
    • Exhibits integrity, honesty, and high level of emotional and moral intelligence
    • Fosters an open and safe environment

    A systems thinker who:

    • Places students at the center of every decision
    • Inspires, motivates, supports, and empowers a leadership team and staff to lead change with transparency
    • Ability to creatively and effectively, recruit and retain district talent in a competitive market
    • Collaborates by seeking input prior to making decisions and communicates the rationale behind each decision
    • Maintains organizational accountability when making operational decisions
    • Displays fiscal acumen and can responsibly manage an educational institution in allocating resources and fiscal forecasting
    • Is experienced in negotiations, transportation, and capital improvement planning in a large, growing, and complex school system
    • Understands and can implement Florida educational laws and policies while embracing Collier County values

    An exceptional communicator and committed consensus-builder who:

    • Galvanizes a community to implement a shared vision towards positive student outcomes
    • Establishes trusting and meaningful relationships with all segments of the district and the community while demonstrating courage in the face of obstacles
    • Is a trust-builder and trust-gainer who is visible, present, and collaborative through interactions with students, teachers, staff, Board, parents, community partners and community members
    • Demonstrates success in working and partnering with the governing body
    • Invests in the community, by being visible, present, approachable, and actively promoting district successes, initiatives, and programs on behalf of the district.

    In regard to leadership experiences and accomplishments, the successful candidate will:

    • Have demonstrated highly successful educational leadership experience in a community with similar demographics, values, and challenges
    • Live in Collier County upon appointment or shortly thereafter
    • Recommend having or be eligible for Florida Department of Education Educator Certificate covering Professional Educational Leadership All Levels

    Salary in the range of $285,000 depending upon qualifications, experience, and credentials and subject to negotiations. Benefits similar to other district employees, applicable FL statues and subject to negotiation.

    Interested and qualified individuals can learn more about the position and apply at: