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    Welcome to Parkside Elementary where
    We Hit it Out of the Park!
    by giving Our BEST!  
    Belief:      We believe in each other.
    Effort:      We give our best every day.
    Support:   We help each other learn and grow.
    Tenacity:  We are determined and persistent.
    Parkside is a dynamic neighborhood school, partnering with our parents, businesses and community members to empower our students for life long success. If you would like to join in our championship quest, call 239-377-8900 to speak to us about volunteering or partnership opportunities.
    Parkside Elementary is a wonderful school that provides unique opportunities for students in the classroom and beyond, as children and adults strive to "Grow into Champions by Giving our BEST (Belief, Effort, Support, Tenacity)".  

    Innovation abounds at Parkside!  Our students not only receive high quality, creative instruction in the classroom, they are also provided with additional enrichment experiences that are unparalleled and have been recognized by various community groups as well as teams from the Florida Department of Education.  


    Check out some of the unique opportunities at Parkside:

    ·EnSTEM (Enrichment and STEM) – a standards based technology-rich program which all students attend weekly. Activities, K-5, include opportunities such as Vernier, coding, robotics, littleBits (circuitry), and the list goes on! Students' understanding of technology is dramatically enhanced, and this supports their consistent usage of iPads, desktops and other technological tools in every classroom!

    ·STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academies – These after school academies, written by Parkside faculty members specifically for our students, provide enrichment in areas such as engineering, physics, environmental studies, health, journalism and so much more.

    ·GEMS (Girls in Engineering and Math) & STEM Superstars – Parkside students are given unique opportunities to participate in a variety of STEM experiences including unique field trips  while learning about  prospective STEM careers as they consider their future.

    ·zSpace Virtual Reality – Parkside recently acquired zSpace, a virtual reality lab, that is taking STEM education to the next level! This is a powerful tool that will allow students to experience learning in a virtual reality format, enhancing their understanding of curriculum while providing highly engaging experiences!

    ·Summer Voyage – an extended summer program designed specifically for our students that includes hands on learning, field trips and more, to keep those young brains active!


    Our collaborative staff, involved parents, and dedicated community partners, are committed to supporting our school’s vision of “Empowering Students for Lifelong Success!”