Pinecrest Elementary School is located in Immokalee, Florida. Immokalee is a rural farming community just forty miles from the resorts and beaches of Naples. Home to many immigrant and migrant families who work the fields and packing houses, Immokalee is a small community in Southwest Florida with good people that work hard and try to provide for their families.

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      Pinecrest Elementary School will engage in positive habits to inspire all stakeholders to be leaders who recognize their strengths an act responsibly to achieve their limitless potential.



    Pinecrest Elementary School will provide a safe learning environment that fosters collaboration, determination and builds the confidence of all leaders.


    Pinecrest Eagles Creed: 
    I am a Pinecrest Eagle.
    I will soar to new heights,
    flying high and free,
    because I have learned that knowledge is the key. 
    With my mind and all the rest of me,
    I promise to be the best I can be.
    Safe, prepared, responsible, respectful.
    This is the Eagles' Creed.