• School Mission

    Our mission at Sea Gate Elementary School is to encourage a caring and collaborative community of problem solvers who achieve their fullest potential as life-long learners.

    School Vision

    Our vision at Sea Gate Elementary School is to achieve excellence through high expectations and positive attitudes.

    We believe at Sea Gate Elementary School that:

    • Students are the number one priority.
    • Students’ learning needs should be the ultimate focus of all decisions.
    • All students can learn, however, in different ways and at different rates and depths.
    • All students should be provided the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.
    • Learning occurs most effectively in an emotionally and physically safe environment.
    • The District’s commitment to continuous improvement and the highest of standards is imperative for all students to become confident, self-directed lifelong learners.
    • Students, families, teachers, administrators, and the community share responsibility for the improvement of the educational process.
    • All students and employees should have respect for self and others in order to maintain individual dignity and worth
    • Diversity and the respect for it, is essential for the full development of the individual and society.
    • A “culture of character” must be pervasive in every phase of everything that is done at Sea Gate Elementary School.