About Us

  • Our Vision of Excellence

    To establish a community-wide professional learning community committed to high-quality teaching and learning to support the success of every student, teacher, and staff member in reaching high standards of performance.


    Our Partnership Collaboration Commitment 
    The school will be an established Professional Development School (PDS) with Florida Gulf Coast University along with an identified local business partner committed to lifelong learning.  The school will serve as a center for new teacher induction, ongoing job-embedded professional development, and a results-orientated instructional program that routinely gathers and analyzes data, shares findings, collaborates with other educators, parents, and business leaders, and operates a model of continuous educational improvement through established learning communities in the school, district and region.  The educational programs, delivery models, and assessment practices will be based on current educational research and effective instructional practices.  The university will collaboratively work with the staff to lead inquiry-based action research to better inform the field of relevant findings leading to excellence in teaching and learning.  The business partner will assist the school and university through participation on a leadership advisory board and assisting with securing additional resources to create optimum learning opportunities for students and staff.  Through this partnership, we envision a school community, where children and adults excel in learner-centered classrooms, staff flourish through professional development, support, and reflection, and teaching and learning are of the highest quality.


    What Makes Us Unique?
    • A Professional Development School Partnership creating a learning environment that supports intern and practicing teachers and faculty within the context of meeting all children’s learning needs.
    • The creation of new roles, responsibilities, and structures to utilize the resources of time, people, space, technology and information in new and different ways.
    • Utilization of technology in new ways to enhance and maximize teaching and learning experiences for students and adults.
    • Success for every student, achieved through a well-designed curriculum and assessment system closely aligned to the state standards with progression of students based on demonstrated mastery of learning objectives.
    • Creation of integrated units of instruction focused around essential learning standards and the development of common assessments to effectively guide instructional planning and delivery of instruction.
    • Assistance to the district in developing high-quality teachers through an established comprehensive induction and support system for new teachers.
    • A school-wide culture of collaborative, teamwork, interdependent teaching and learning and the shared responsibility for the success of every student, teacher and staff member.
    • Job-embedded professional development and an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning.
    • The opportunity to learn and grow together as a professional learning community everyday.
    • We are a Leader in Me Lighthouse School!  Learn more about Leader in Me here.