Eden Park Elementary will nurture and grow lifelong learners who are responsible citizens and leaders within their community. 

    Eden Park Elementary will inspire students to achieve their fullest potential by providing a safe, inclusive environment that focuses on engagement in relevant academic experiences.


    • Students are our first priority and the driving force behind all decision-making.
    • Emotionally and physically safe learning environments founded on respect for self and others
      optimize learning opportunities.
    • Varied instructional approaches and engaging learning opportunities will highlight students’ strengths and accommodate students’ learning styles.
    • The success of our school mission is a responsibility shared between students, teachers, administrators, students’ families and our community.
    • The most important factor in student achievement is the quality of instruction in the classroom.


    Christina Anderson, Principal
    Meagan Wherry, Assistant Principal
    Rachael Cordeiro, Assistant Principal
    Elissa Burkard, ESE Program Specialist
    Salena Denton, Reading Coach
    Laura Manning, Math Coach
    Miranda Drozdowski, Science Coach
    Kimberly Combes (Bynum), Guidance Counselor