• Student Records and Transcript Request Procedures

    Student records and transcripts may be requested from several different sources, depending upon the student's enrollment status.

    The Student Records Department is here to supply student records for current and former Collier County Public School students. These records are used for a number of reasons such as transferring to another school district, furthering education, proof of graduation for employment, graduation verification for those joining the military and a number of other important personal uses.


    Once we receive the online records request form, it is our goal to provide the records in a timely fashion and as efficiently as possible. We understand the importance of these records and consider each request essential for life changes. We work hard helping our students to continue succeeding in life.


    Please be advised that records may require additional time to research. Each case is unique and based on the age and quality of the student record; or other extenuating circumstances special attention and time are required to retrieve these documents. Your patience is requested as we work to retrieve these records for your special case.

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