Fixed Assets Inventory & Bar Code Scanning

  • To eliminate common inventory problems such as end of year inventory write-offs, inaccurate inventory counts, and missing invescanner ntory items, Collier County Public Schools implemented its new inventory control software package called dInventory Software. This inventory control system is an integrated package of software and hardware used in Fixed Assets/Warehouse operations to monitor quantity, location, and status of inventory. The software is a Stand Alone application that works with the AS400 Rumba/TERMS Inventory Warehouse system to obtain system information on objects valued over $1,000 dollars. The inventory control system relies on barcodes/tags to provide automatic identification of these objects. To record an inventory transaction, the system uses a barcode scanner to automatically identify the inventory object, and then collaborates with information initially downloaded from TERMS. This new and improved process will provide the capability to accurately track inventory in an efficient manner. 

  • Software Downloads

    Make sure you have a laptop accessible for Inventory Barcode Scanning. The Windows 10 image should be on the laptop you intend to use for inventory. If the laptop is running a later version of Windows, you will need to consult with your schools SST and get the laptop updated prior to dInventory software installation.


    1.  IBM iSeries Access for Windows
    2.  dInventory Application Download
    3.  Handheld Barcode Scanner Software (as needed, only if your scanner does not work)