Spool Explorer/EZ-Pickin's

  • iSeries (TERMS) reports can easily be selected, downloaded, and converted to text files by end-users with Spool-Explorer(link to SPlX page), our iSeries to PC, E-mail & Web Spool File Distribution Tool. Spool-Explorer is seamlessly integrated with EZ-Pickin's allowing you to open spool files directly in EZ-Pickin's and by prompting for any existing EZ-Pickin's Models (templates) that you want to use for the report. This integrated process allows end-users to become completely self-sufficient and improve workflow and reduce printing costs. EZ-Pickin's can extract data from virtually any computer-generated text report, including complex reports with headers, footers, and multiple sort levels. EZ-Pickin's reads report files sent from any AS/400 - iSeries - i5, mainframe, client/server, or PC system.