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Our Purpose

  • The purpose of the Driver Education course is to introduce students to the highway transportation system and to strategies that will develop driving knowledge related to today's and tomorrow's motorized society. It will also provide an in-depth study of the scope and nature of accident problems and their solutions. The content should include, but not be limited to the following: vehicle control and traffic procedure, defensive strategies for driving, natural laws and their application to driving, energy-efficient and safe enjoyable vehicle ownership, physical and mental factors, legal and moral obligations, knowledge of motorcycle operations and interactions in the system, planning for safe travel to include map studies, the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving performance and distracted driving prevention and consequences.

    Driver Education Opportunities that are ONLY available during the school year:

    • Elective credit (1.0)for Driver Education Classroom and Lab Course available at GCH, GGH, PRH, IHS, and LHS; this course provides options for getting permit, practicing, and taking state driving test, within the course, with our certified instructors
    • CCPS online CVE Driver Education Course (.5 credit); much like that of FLVS, but with our very own CCPS instructors; this option provides an opportunity to test behind the wheel as well with our own instructor
      • For more information check out this FLYER - contact the School Counselor to sign up for this course

    Additional Driver Education Opportunities that are available THROUGHOUT the year and summer:

    • Collier County Sheriff’s Office – TEEN DRIVER CHALLENGES please visit their website for more information under YOUTH PROGRAMS - This includes one classroom day and one day in a vehicle
      • please contact Collier Sheriff's office with any questions
    • Florida Virtual School (www.flvs.net) via online platform throughout the summer.  Students 14 and a half years old can begin to develop safe driving skills by studying the Highway Transportation System, road signs, rules of the road, and how to make good choices behind the wheel. This course fulfills the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) required completion of the Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course. https://www.flvs.net/online-high-school-courses#flex/111

      • Direct Questions to child's School Counselor or FLVS directly

    Additional Driver Education Opportunities that are ONLY available in the Summer:

    • CCPS Summer Driver Education Program -a 30 hour certificate program that incorporates 22 hours of content and 8-10 hours of in-vehicle training/practice
      • See more information below - any questions regarding this program please reach out to Tracy Bowen


    If your child is unable to participate in any Driver Education courses or programs, please feel free to download the TEEN and PARENT DRIVER HANDBOOK to help guide parent and child conversations, draft contracts and consequences, and establish the tone and driving schedules to accommodate your family's needs.



    Click Here to Download the Printable version



    Step 1:  Download Program Opportunities Above and Save the Dates - NOTE the CHANGES for this year if you have had children in program previously

    Step 2: Pre-registration - You may pick up the preregistration form as well as the information sheet beginning March 1st in the school counseling welcome center or you can Click here to access PRE-REGISTRATION FORM

    • Pre-registration will occur at school sites through the school counseling secretary beginning Tuesday, March 19th at 7 am through April 5th or until seats are filled, which could occur on the first day of registration, so register as early as possible. Please follow school office times for the school counseling secretary to be on hand to accept completed pre-registrations, you may wish to call ahead for your school's counseling center hours
    • Students must have the completed pre-registration form and a legible copy of their permit dated on or before April 5th, 2024 to be eligible for pre-registration and the opportunity to secure a seat in the program with the school counselor secretary.  Please make sure all items are completed and legible to proceed with pre-registration. Remember seats may be filled the first day as it is a live registration process
      • If you do not have your permit by April 5th, 2023 Other options include participation in a Driver Ed class during school hours next school year; or after school with an outside organization, such as Teen Driver Challenge through Collier County Sheriff's Office; or register next summer when you will have had the minimum 60 hours/days drive requirement for the safety of all our students
    • For home school, private, or charter school students, with proof of residency in Collier County, who wish to participate in our summer program, registration will occur at MLK Administrative Center located at 5775 Osceola Trail on March 21st - please email Tracy Bowen to schedule your time bowentr@collierschools.com
    • If you need anything explained in Spanish or Creole, please call 377-0104 and speak to Loraynee Caballeros

    Step 3:  Complete 20 Drive Hours on Log - this is available at registration and will be provided at Parent meeting as well

    Step 4: Mandatory Presentation Workshop in Person on Wednesday, May 1st 6:00-7:15pm at Barron Collier HS Media Center 

    Additional Information for Parents:

    Our mandatory parent meeting is designed to help parents have the resources they need to keep communication and information up-to-date. We understand that driving is a commitment shared between parents and their children. These sessions will be similar to the context of presentations and information presented to the students so the lines of communication, respect, and responsibilities for safe driving can be shared.

    Considering motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens aged 16-19 and are highly preventable, we are committed to ensuring that our program prepares parents to be a vital part of their child’s success in this abbreviated program.

    Please continue to check the district website for periodic updates at http:www.collierschools.com/driverseducation as the details above are subject to change. Please refer any questions regarding this program to Tracy Bowen.


    LAW UPDATES!!!!  

    The Wireless Communications While Driving Law, section 316.305, Florida Statutes, took effect on July 1, 2019. This new law requires drivers to put their phones down and focus on driving.

    What is the Wireless Communications While Driving Law?

    Section 316.305, Florida Statutes allows law enforcement to stop motor vehicles and issue citations to motorists that are texting and driving. A person may not operate a motor vehicle while manually typing or entering multiple letters, numbers, or symbols into a wireless communications device to text, email and instant message.

    Section 316.306, Florida Statutes, is a prohibition on using wireless communications devices in a handheld manner in school and work zone.  A person may not operate a motor vehicle while using a wireless communications device in a handheld manner in a designated school crossing, school zone, or active work zone area. Active work zone, as it pertains to Section 316.306, Florida Statutes, means that construction personnel are present or are operating equipment on the road or immediately adjacent to the work zone area.


    Penalties for Texting and Driving, section 316.305, Florida Statutes:

    FIRST OFFENSE is a non-moving traffic violation with a base $30 fine, not including additional court costs or other fees, and no points assessed against the driver's license.


    SECOND OFFENSE within five years is a moving traffic violation, with a base $60 fine, not including court costs and other fees, and 3 points assessed against the driver's license.


    For not using a device hands-free in a school zone and work zone, section 316.306, Florida Statutes:

    ANY OFFENSE is a moving traffic violation, with a base $60 fine, not including court costs and other fees, and 3 points assessed against the driver's license.


    More Information on Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving is anything that takes your hands off the wheel, your eyes off the road or mind off driving. It is extremely risky behavior that puts everyone on the road in danger. There are different kinds of driver distractions:




    Taking your eyes off the road


    Taking your hands off the wheel


    Thinking about anything other than driving


    Texting requires all three types of distraction, making it one of the most dangerous of distracted driving behaviors.  However, this is not the only cause of distracted driving.  Other common distractions include: tending to kids or passengers in the back seat, eating, watching an event outside of the vehicle, interacting with passengers, unsecured pets, putting on makeup or grooming, adjusting radio or climate controls, checking your GPS app or system and even daydreaming.


    To successfully avoid a crash, a driver must perceive a hazard, react and give the vehicle time to stop. Driver perception distance, or the distance a vehicle travels from the time a driver sees a hazard until the brain recognizes it, and reaction distance, the distance a car will continue to travel after seeing a hazard until the driver physically hits the brakes, dramatically affects a vehicle’s stopping distance. Even a focused driver going 50 mph will travel nearly the length of a football field before coming to a complete stop.


    Put It Down - Focus On Driving

    When a driver is not focused on the road, it limits their ability to come to a stop and avoid a crash.

    The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and Florida Highway Patrol remind all drivers to keep your eyes on the road and Focus on Driving to ensure everyone can Arrive Alive!

     In 2019, 4,356 people were killed in crashes involving young drivers (aged 15 - 20). Teenagers contribute to, and suffer from, the consequences of motor vehicle collisions at a disproportionate rate. Teen drivers ages 16 - 19 are nearly three times as likely as drivers aged 20 or older to be in a fatal crash. These crashes are preventable. CSN’s Teen Driving Safety 2022 Resource Guide provides information on proven strategies to increase young driver safety, as well as the safety of all road users. 

    *** Parents may email their child’s driver education instructor to view lesson plans or to acquire more information on this topic. If your child is not enrolled in Driver Education through CCPS, but you would like more information to share with your household drivers, please contact Tracy Bowen.


    Don’t Text and Drive - Keep Our Kids Safe!

    For more information, please contact:

    Tracy Bowen
    Coordinator, K-12 Health, Physical and Driver Education 
    Collier County Public Schools 
    (239) 377-3370 or bowentr@collierschools.com 


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