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    Collier County Sheriff’s Office has provided the information below which was pulled for any traffic crashes involving drivers ages 15-19, occurring from 2011 through 2015. Included criteria are total number of crashes, injury crashes, speed crashes, DUI related crashes, and distracted driving crashes.

    *Only crashes that are submitted to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles are provided, crash reports that are open or pending were not included.































     2015   1195 


     1263 (up by 68)






    6 year total







    The increase in total crashes for 2016 is not identified in the areas of speed, DUI or reported distracted driving and may include unreported distractions, weather-related or vehicle issues.  This is the first year we are down in all areas. Please continue to support driver education and road awareness and safety.

    If your child is unable to take driver education and you wish to have additional parent/student driver information please contact Mark Rosenbalm for a copy of the Florida Drivers Guide for Parents and Teens.

    The purpose of the Driver Education course is to introduce students to the highway transportation system and to strategies that will develop driving knowledge related to today's and tomorrow's motorized society. It will also provide an in-depth study of the scope and nature of accident problems and their solutions. The content should include, but not be limited to the following: vehicle control and traffic procedure, defensive strategies for driving, natural laws and their application to driving, energy efficient and safe enjoyable vehicle ownership, physical and mental factors, legal and moral obligations, knowledge of motorcycle operations and interactions in the system, planning for safe travel to include map studies, the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving performance and distracted driving prevention and consequences.

    Additional Driving Experience Opportunities Available through Collier County Sheriff’s Office – TEEN DRIVER CHALLENGES please visit their website for more information.





    2019 Registration Process - REGISTRATION OPENS MARCH 25th 7am at CCPS High Schools with the School Counselor Secretary - SPOTS ARE LIMITED to 36 students for SESSION 1 and 36 Students for SESSION 2
    Step 1:  PLEASE CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE CALENDAR FOR DRIVER EDUCATION to review and confirm that your son or daughter is able to commit to the program requirements for the time required in the attached detailed information sheet
    Step 2: Pre-registrationYou may pick up the preregistration form as well as the information sheet ahead of time beginning March 18th in the school counseling welcome center 


    • Preregistration will occur at school sites through the school counseling secretary beginning March 25th at 7am through April 12th or until seats are filled, which will likely occur on the first day of registration, so register as early as possible. Please follow school office times for school counseling secretary to be on hand to accept completed pre-registrations, you may wish to call ahead for those hours
    • You must have completed the preregistration form and have a legible copy of your permit dated on or before April 15th to be eligible for pre-registration and the opportunity to secure a seat in the program with the school counselor secretary beginning March 25th.  Please make sure all items are completed and legible to proceed with preregistration. Remember seats may be filled the first day as it is a live registration process
      • If you do not have your permit by April 15th, 2019 Other options include participation in live Driver Ed class during school hours next school year; or after school with an outside organization, such as Teen Driver Challenge through Collier County Sheriff's Office; or register next summer when you will have had the minimum 60 hours/days drive requirement for the safety of all our students
    • For home school, private or charter school students, with residency in Collier County, who wish to participate in our summer program, registration will occur at MLK Administrative Center located at 5775 Osceola Trail from 8-1pm on March 25th - please ask for Mark Rosenbalm at the front desk.

    Step 3:  Mandatory Presentation Workshop - If you have secured one of the 72 seats at pre-registration or are one of the first 6 on the waitlist you must attend the mandatory workshop for both Parent and Driver Ed Program Student (TBD) at Barron Collier High School to secure final registration.  
    • Doors open for check-in at 8am, parents will be in the media center and students will be in the auditorium.  *Please make other arrangements for childcare as content is not suitable for small children
    • Presentation Workshop will end at 10am
    • One parent or guardian and the enrolled student must attend in order to participate in the program. The student spot in the program will be forfeited at the workshop with waitlist students as they were enrolled on the list if pre-registered student/parent does not attend the workshop


    Program Overview: 2 session options

    Session 1 Blue group Option will run (TBD) and follow daily schedule and times below
    Session 2 Green Group Option will run (TBD) and follow daily schedules and times below
    Program Requirements: 
    • 14 hours of online content to be provided through ANGEL platform must be completed prior to your session starting date (in order to participate in this program access to computer and internet is required either at home, library or another accessible source)
    • Location: Golden Gate High School - NOTE THIS LOCATION CHANGE
    • Day 1: 8am-12:00pm
    • Day 2: 8am-12:00pm
    • Day 3: 8am-12:00pm
    • Day 4: 8am-12:00pm                                                                                                                                                        DRIVER TESTING/EXAM RETAKES/CERTIFICATES as needed will occur from 12:00-1pm if needed on last day
    • 100% attendance required for receipt of 30-hour certificate (may be used for participating insurance discounts)

    Additional Information for Parents:

    Our mandatory parent meeting is designed to help parents have the resources they need to keep communication and information up-to-date. We understand that driving is a commitment shared between parents and their children. These sessions will be similar to the context of presentations and information presented to the students so the lines of communication, respect, and responsibilities for safe driving can be shared.

    Considering motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens aged 16-19 and are highly preventable, we are committed to ensuring that our program prepares parents to be a vital part of their child’s success in this abbreviated program.

    Please continue to check the district website for periodic updates at http:www.collierschools.com/driverseducation as details above are subject to change. Please refer any questions regarding this program to Mark Rosenbalm.

     YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO INQUIRE ABOUT COVE DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE -  credited content course which provides .5 credit and meets graduation requirements for the the required online course, providing the 30 required content hours, and opportunities for free permit testing.  Florida Virtual School (FLVS) does not offer this combination.  Call Mark Rosenbalm at  239-377-0023 for more information about our great new offering.

    Reminder: On Oct 1, 2014 Florida Statute 316:305 enacted a “Florida Ban on Texting While Driving”. Collier County Public Schools will provide the following information in Driver Education class during The Distracted Driving Unit, as well as reminders and updates throughout the year.

    The Objective of Ban is to improve roadway safety for all; to prevent crashes related to act of text messaging; reduce injuries, deaths, property damage, health care costs, increased health insurance rates, and automobile insurance rates related to motor vehicle accidents.

    A Driver may:

    • Be pulled over by law enforcement officers as a secondary offense for texting while driving
    • Not operate a motor vehicle while manually typing multiple letters/numbers/functions into any wireless communication device, texting, emailing, instant messaging, etc.
    • Use voice activated functions of a cell phone as long as multiple letters, numbers, symbols or functions except to activate, deactivate or initiate a feature or function.
    • Receive emergency information, traffic alerts, weather alerts, information related to operating motor vehicle, radio broadcasts, and navigation purposes.
    • Receive 4-6 points on their license for unlawful use of wireless communications device resulting in a crash.
    • Receive 2 points on their license for a moving violation which is committed in conjunction with the unlawful use of a wireless communications device within a school safety zone, in addition to the moving violation points.

    *** Parents may email their child’s driver education instructor to view lesson plans or to acquire more information on this topic. If your child is not enrolled in Driver Education through CCPS, but you would like more information to share with your household drivers, please contact Mark Rosenbalm.


    Don’t Text and Drive - Keep Our Kids Safe!

    For more information, please contact:

    Mark Rosenbalm
    Coordinator, Interscholastic Athletics, Student Activities and Driver Education 
    Collier County Public Schools 
    (239) 377-0023 • rosenbma@collierschools.com


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