• Mrs. Green

     Mrs. Green - School Counselor
    Big Cypress Elementary BOBCATS are “Going for the GOLD”! We are Honest, Kind, and Responsible! Mrs. Green aligns her classroom presentations, small group counseling and individual counseling sessions with the standards of the American School Counselor Association; supporting the academic, career and social/emotional development for all students. 

    www.schoolcounselor.org           SchoolCounselorAssociation


    Classroom Presentations - Focus is on topics that assist students with being successful in school. Topics include KINDNESS, Getting Along with Others, "BE COOL" peer conflict management, career exploration, test and stress anxiety, celebrating our uniqueness and our differences and Middle School Preparation.


    Our Peer Mediation Program trains 5th graders so that they are able to assist students in resolving their peer conflicts in a peaceful manner. They encourage communication using the "BE COOL" Four Steps: 

    1. Tell what you don’t like.
    2. Tell how it makes you feel.
    3. Tell what you want.
    4. Tell what you will do if it doesn’t stop.

    Group Counseling - Sessions typically begin in mid-October and run for six weeks - Students may participate in several types of counseling groups. Written parent permission is required.

             “Banana Split Club” Divorce/Changing Families

             “BE COOL” Behavior/Anger Management

             “Friendship Club” Self-esteem, develop positive friendships

             "Good Grief Club” Loss of a family member or close friend


    Individual Counseling - Individual counseling is available on an as-needed basis for students to discuss personal/social and academic concerns.


    School-wide Activities - In an effort to promote advocacy for all children (Goal 5: Student Achievement of our district’s strategic plan), Positive Behavior Support and other school-wide initiatives are implemented throughout the school year. PBS recognition, Red Ribbon Week, World Kindness Week and Anti-bullying messages are examples of some of BCE’s school-wide activities.


    Feel free to contact Mrs. Green with any suggestions and/or questions!


    (239) 377-6306

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