• Mathematics
     Literacy Secondary
    The Collier County Public Schools Math and Computer Science Department strives to provide a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum for all students. Students can choose from a variety of curricular offerings to prepare them for life beyond high school, whether that means entering the world of work or pursuing areas of further study. Students who put forth effective effort can take advantage of numerous opportunities for growth in their mathematical and computer knowledge. Communication between the school and home is encouraged. Should you have questions about your child’s progress, feel free to email your child’s teacher for specific information. We look forward to working with all concerned stakeholders to provide a world class education for our community of learners.

    Elementary Secondary
    Stacie Hall
    Elementary Math Coordinator 
    Melissa Coniglio
    Secondary Math Coordinator

    Kristina Distelrath
    Elementary Math Specialist
    Kimberly Altair
    Secondary Math Specialist
    Abigail Morton
    Elementary Math Specialist
    Kathy Romano
    Instructional Materials Specialist