• Students

    Students and parents need to be aware of the importance of good grooming and its effect upon the learning environment. 

    It is the parent’s responsibility to see that their son’s/daughter’s grooming reflects the modesty and good taste expected in school. If inappropriate clothing or hair styles are worn to school, the parents/guardian will be notified by telephone and more appropriate clothing will have to be brought to school before the student will be allowed back in class, or if available, alternate clothing will be provided for that day. At school, the principal has final authority to determine whether dress is appropriate or deeded disruptive to the learning environment.


    The Sabal Palm Elementary families and the School Advisory Council have adopted a Uniform Dress Code for students. The uniform will consist of the following:


    Collared Polo-style sport shirt

    Collared Dress shirts (long or short sleeves)

    Any solid color

    All shirts must have sleeves to cover the shoulders

    Shirts must fall 3 inches below the waist band

    Sabal Palm Spirit Shirts purchased from the school may be worn daily with uniform bottoms.

    Shirts may not be worn if altered.



    Docker-style pants

    Bermuda (walking) shorts

    Capris or Skorts (for girls only)

    Colors - Black, blue, khaki, white/stone

    No jeans/jeggings/tights

    If pants/shorts have belt loops - a belt is recommended!

    • Clothing must not exceed one size larger than the actual body size.

    • There is no wearing of athletic sweat material clothes. (sweat pants, jogging pants, stretch material tops or bottoms, gauchos, etc.)

    • Hair style and color may not cause a distraction or interruption to the classroom. Hair may not cover the eyes, no Mohawks.

    • Writing on skin (hands, arms, and legs) or signing shirts or other clothing is not permitted.

    • Adornment which is attached (pierced) to exposed body parts other than the ears is not acceptable.

    • Hats or caps shall not be worn in the school building.

    *Students will have the opportunity to earn dress down days on designated days by the principal or teacher. More information will be sent home in their communication folders.