Congratulations to the students listed below!!
    Awards will be @Barron Collier HS
    Auditorium this Weds 2/7 @6pm 
    (projects below are only in alpha by school, not place)
    CATEGORY PROJECT # Project Name First Name Last Name School
    CHEM 13 Electrolytic Water Splitting Process for the Mitigation of Ocean Acidification and the Harnessing of Hydrogen as a Fuel Source Sarah Dabees ARH
    EAEV 90 The Green Lungs: Unmasking Plants' CO2 Efficiency by Measuring How Quickly Local Species Can Remove CO2 Alex Ewy ARH
    EAEV 92 The World is Your Oyster: The Effects of Temperature and Salinity on the Water Filtration Capabilities of Crassotrea Virginica Jack Pustizzi ARH
    MACO 116 CustomLLM: an end-to-end platform for training custom large language models via retrieval-augmented generation Yogesh Seenichamy BCH
    PHYS 5 How Various Coverings Over Shoe boxes Affect The Amount Of Heat Trapped Inside Augustus Flores CMS
    BIO 34 Carpenter Ants Brianna Guerrero CPM
    EAEV 42 Plant Grow Right Side Up or Upside Down Brianna Boose CPM
    CHEM 26 Heart Burn Braiden Davila CPM
    BIO 40 Study of the Antimicrobial Effectiveness with Zones of Inhibition of Natural Antibiotics on Serratia Marcescens as Alternatives to Synthetic Antibiotics Arabella Ahammad CSN
    EAEV 93 Carbon Dioxide Combatants: Observing Different Plants' Absorption of Carbon Emissions John Fontana CSN
    CHEM 29 How do different fertilizer brands affect the pH level of soil? Ariana Sharma CSN
    EAEV 94 How Does the Coarseness of Biodegradable Hydrogels Affect Plant Growth? Harold Hoffman CSN
    BIO 33 Shedding Light on Insect Attraction: Unveiling the Preferred Color Xavier Villa Donahue Academy
    PHYS 3 UV rays shining on ultraviolet beads Seth Myers GCC
    EAEV 101 How Does Acid Rain Affect The Germination Of Plants Reese Willig GCC
    MACO 115 Identification of Brain-Eating Amoeba Using Deep Learning Andrew Laurore GCC
    PHYS 12 Quantifying the Correlative Dynamics between Ohmic Electrical Resistance and Power Output of Hand-Cranked Generators Jacob Kwa GCH
    MACO 118 ArrowHead: A Deep Learning Logic, Operationally Improved Standard for Java Space/Time Complexity Throughout using O Notation Metaphysical Algorithm Derivations Colin Briggs GCH
    BIO 38 Bacterial Resistance Isabella Lala GCH
    EAEV 45 Duckweed Dilemma Ursula Bartoszek GVM
    PHYS 4 The Effect of Wing Area on the Distance a Paper Plane Flies Emma Svec GVM
    BIO 39 Can Tardigrades Survive a Vacuum Emma Sexton GVM
    PHYS 2 How Do Turbine Blade Designs Impact The Amount of Electricity Produced by a Hydroelectric Generator? Bowen Russell NNM
    PHYS 132 The impact of call duration on cell phone radiation emissions Tulip Bheemanapalli OMS
    EAEV 104 Plants and Salinity Levels Claire Zynda OMS
    EAEV 91 Worms Effects on Compost Georgia Pittman OMS
    EAEV 107 Fertilizer Fusion! Lilia Zelenski OMS
    CHEM 22 Thermal Shield for Hair: A Test of Protection Sprays Eva Golian OMS
    PHYS 9 How do the fins of a water rocket effect the height of its flight path Supravat Satapathy PRM
    CHEM 15 Homemade Batteries Using Food Edison Filner PRM
    BMED 81 Enhancing Durability through Stitching: An Investigation into Various Suture Techniques Oliver Schwartz PRM
    PHYS 137 Which natural plant-based dye will offer the best ultraviolet protection from the sun? Brendan Burns PRM
    PHYS 131 Solar Saplings: solar tree size effect on photovoltaic output Milo Westberry PRM
    BMED 83 Regenerating Planaria with Different LED Lights Lily Fletcher PRM

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