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Early Check-out

  • Students leaving before regular dismissal do not have to bring a note into the office any more, though they still can. Students can email Mrs. Jackson through the Student Services course in Canvas, and they will need to include time leaving and a parent contact number, as Mrs. Jackson will have to speak to a parent.  Alternately, the parent or guardain can just email Mrs. Jackson at or call (239) 377-1231 with the student name, student number, time leaving and a return phone number.  

    Please make sure that the student and/or parent gives Mrs. Jackson as much notice as possible in order to ensure that we have the student out on time. Parents showing up without notifying us prior to their arrival may have to wait before we are able to get a student called for dismissal.

    If your student contacts you that they are not feeling well, please refer them to the nurse so that we can start the process of checking them out before you arrive.

    If you have any questions on early checkout, please notify Mrs. Paula Jackson at or call (239) 377-1231 or email Mr. Robert Dawes at