• Manatee Pride: Kicking it up a Notch


    Coding to Robotics

     Coding to Robotics
    Our students explored the world of coding through the Hour of Code
    then applied this knowledge to program our  Romo robots.  
    These robots support literacy, math and cooperative learning skills. 


    A Day at School with UDL  & Technology 

     A Day at School with UDL and Technology

    Florida Literacy Week at Manatee

    Florida Literacy Week at Manatee  

     Manatee Elementary celebrated Literacy week  by sharing the simple pleasures of

    reading.  We discovered we read for entertainment, to learn and to discover new things.


    STEM Parents Night 

    STEM Students and Parents Night  

     The Manatee Elementary Related Arts team hosted a fun STEM activity for all parents
    and students to participate in after completing their student led conference on 
    Tuesday, October 28 . 

     Parents were amazed at the engineering skills their children possessed. 

     September / October STEM  Highlights

    September October STEM Highlights  

    Violin Lessons at Manatee 

     Violin Lessons   Violin Lessons   Violin Lessons  

    Music Scores! VPK Violin Literacy Program is being offered to Manatee Elementary PreK Headstart students.

    This program is sponsored by the Naples Music Club Outreach Programs. The goal of the organization is
    to enhance literacy and focus through violin instruction. This instruction enhances the student's social and motor skills.