• Academic Booster Club (ABC)

    Hello and welcome Naples High School Academic Booster Club or ABC for short! 

    ABC functions as a PTO for Naples High School. While the high school years are brief, and require less “hands-on” involvement, ABC offers parents and guardians a way to connect and contribute during their student’s high school years.  We try to keep things simple but meaningful.

    Each year we come together to raise funds to support, recognize and encourage academic excellence among our students. We fund teacher requests for supplemental educational resources, student scholarships, award ceremonies and other needs that may arise during the year to support academic excellence. 

    Another important part of our mission is to show appreciation for teachers and staff through simple touch points throughout the year like pumpkin loaves at Thanksgiving  holiday cookie exchange before winter break and a teacher appreciation lunch in May.  We rely on parent/guardian volunteers like you to help make these events special. 

    Our meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 AM via Zoom (for now) and generally last about 30-40 minutes. During our meetings we hear from each of our Chairs on upcoming events. We also get an opportunity to hear about what’s happening on campus from our Principal, Kristi Lee, and our Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Joe Manento.

    To join our mailing list and receive meeting notices as well as volunteer opportunities, please email Angela Tarquini-Sanders at napleshighvolunteer@gmail.com.

    We hope you’ll join us as much as you can this coming year! 

    2022-2023 ABC Meeting Dates

    • September 8
    • October 13
    • November 10
    • December 8
    • January 12
    • Februrary 9
    • March 9
    • April 13
    • May 11

    Go Golden Eagles! 

    Angela Tarquini-Sanders
    Academic Booster Club, Chair


    FOR 2022-2023

    Eagle Level - $1000.00 +

    Wayne and Becky Meland
    Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
    Lofgren Family
    Anthony and Ashley Solomon
    The Tucker Family
    Matt and Allison Young 

    Gold Level - $500.00 + 

    Dr. Richard & Mrs. Robin Garcia

    Blue Level - $250.00 + 

    Team Clark Parrish & Kelly Clark
    The Posz Family
    The Richey – Klein Family
    The Sanders Family
    John and Debra Shepard
    Chuck and Robin VonHoltz
    The Wasmer Family

    Patron Level $100.00 + 

    The Del Vecchios
    Garciarena Family
    The Hyer Family
    Sarah and Brad Marshall

    Sponsor Level - $50.00 +

    The Dumas Family

    Donor Lever - $25.00 + 

    Cheryll Maog
    Evan Maog
    Dayna O. Pozos
    The Shreeve Family
    Samuel & Layla Whitehead


    Updated March 10, 2023