• Requirements - TEMPORARY Educator's Teaching Certificate 
    In order to obtain your Professional Educator's Teaching Certificate, you are required to submit a Professional Education Competency Completion Form (PEC) within your first two years to the Professional Development and Learning Department. 

    STEP 1 

    STEP 2
    • For more information on the requirements to obtain your professional certificate, please click here. 

    Purpose of instructional personnel certification—It is the intent of the Legislature that school personnel certified in this state possess the credentials, knowledge, and skills necessary to allow the opportunity for a high-quality education in the public schools. The purpose of school personnel certification is to protect the educational interests of students, parents, and the public at large by assuring that teachers in this state are professionally qualified. In fulfillment of its duty to the citizens of this state, the Legislature has established certification requirements to assure that educational personnel in public schools possess appropriate skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, and adequate pedagogical knowledge, including the use of technology to enhance student learning, and relevant subject matter competence so as to demonstrate an acceptable level of professional performance. Further, the Legislature has established a certificate renewal process which promotes the continuing professional improvement of school personnel, thereby enhancing public education in all areas of the state.