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03/06/2024 UPDATE: The application process has been re-opened!


Please click here to complete the form and submit your application for the Audit Committee.

The School Board establishes an audit committee (committee) to assist the Board in selecting an auditor in accordance with F.S. 218.391 to conduct the annual financial audit required in F.S. 218.39. The committee may serve other audit oversight purposes as determined by the Board.

The committee will also:

  1. Assist the Board in providing oversight of the internal and external audit functions;
  2. Review the scope and plan of the external and internal audits;
  3. Recommend the continuation of services of the internal and external auditors;
  4. Review corrective action plans and necessary improvements based on audit findings and recommendations received from internal and external auditors; and
  5. Assist in maintaining open communications between the selected auditors, the School Board, the Superintendent, and the District’s leadership team

The Audit Committee shall be composed of six (6) members.

  • One (1) Board Member will be appointed by the Board and will serve ex-officio as a non-voting Board Liaison and Audit Committee Chair.
  • Each Board Member will recommend from the pool of applicants one (1) community appointee subject to approval by majority vote of the School Board for a total of five (5) community appointees.

The Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer or their designees are non-voting members of the Committee and shall serve in an advisory capacity.

All voting members of the Committee must be full-time residents of Collier County, Florida.

Please be advised that the information you provide on your application, once submitted, is public record under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, the Public Records Act, commonly known as the Sunshine Law. If you are aware of an exemption to the Public Records Act that requires your information to be maintained as private, please provide that basis in writing to the District.