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Individual Student Statewide Assessment Score Reports Now Available in FOCUS


Accessing and Viewing Statewide Assessment Score Reports on FOCUS

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ACCESSING SCORE REPORTS (same location as report cards)

To access the score reports, log into the FOCUS Portal:

  • Navigate to using Google Chrome
  • Enter the Username - your student's lunch number (student ID number)
  • Enter the Password
    • For students in Grades 3-12, enter your student's birthday month and day as four digits (i.e. September 7, 2011 would be 0907)
  • Click on the Florida Statewide Assessments icon

    Florida Statewide Assessments icon

  • A new window will open the Florida Department of Education's Family Portal



Family Portal

  1. Florida's Student ID (FLEID) - notate this number for later use
  2. Select a school year's scores by using the dropdown arrow
  3. Select a test or view all test scores
  4. View the test results and performance level for the test showing
  5. View a detailed report of the test results showing
  6. Additional help icons
    • Glossary - testing terms used in the report
    • Guide - detailed view of the page navigation
    • Resources - FAQs and information about assessment performance levels


For assistance, please email or call:

  • 239-3777-0009