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Special Announcement from Dr. Kamela Patton


Dr. Kamela Patton announces final year as Superintendent of Collier County Public Schools

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Collier County Public Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Kamela Patton announced in a video released today that she is planning for her Superintendency to sunset next school year, capping a distinguished 35-year career in public education. Dr. Patton looks forward to new opportunities in the future within the area she is most passionate about, the education profession.

Dr. Patton is beginning her twelfth year this Fall of 2022, after becoming the district’s first female superintendent in over 80 years of CCPS history. In the video she shared her plans to continue to serve through the completion of the 2022-2023 school year. “When I was appointed Superintendent in 2011, I was asked to prioritize communications and connecting the school district with this wonderful community. I am proud to have achieved this goal and more! Thank you to everyone that has made this collective work happen,” Patton said.

She expressed gratitude to the students, teachers, parents, administrators, alumni, community, and Board Members for the privilege of serving in CCPS.

“I am grateful for the School Board's unwavering support which has provided a platform for student achievement and numerous initiatives. Their commitment to long-term stability has enabled us to be an A school district and a model throughout Florida and the nation,” Patton said.

During her term, Collier County Public Schools rose to being one of only seven school districts currently that achieved an A across the state, a significant accomplishment in CCPS history. Most notably Patton remarked, “when I arrived in 2011, the graduation rate was 72.5%. Collectively we have moved 20.2 percentage points to a 92.7% — all progress that continued despite the direct hit of Hurricane Irma (sheltering 17,000 community members in the schools) and during the COVID-19 pandemic."

This year, Dr. Patton was selected as the Florida Superintendent of the Year, and a national finalist, giving way to notable media features at the local, state, and national levels for Collier County Public Schools. Patton adds, “Showcasing our work locally, statewide, and nationally, helps shine a positive light on the collective work of so many dedicated individuals in this incredible community!”

Dr. Patton looks forward to this next school year, the 99th year, in our school district’s history, her 12th and final year as the Superintendent… leading into the 100th anniversary…a new century for the CCPS family!

She is forever grateful for the privilege to serve the CCPS family and this outstanding community.