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Palmetto Ridge High School Literacy Teacher Sandi Barcarolo Receives Prestigious 180 Educator Award

Sandra Barcarolo


Congratulations to Palmetto Ridge High School literacy teacher, Sandi Barcarolo, who just received the prestigious 180 Educator Award!


In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Week, learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced Ms. Barcarolo is one of only five selected nationwide!


Now in their 13th year, these awards recognize educators across the U.S. who have advanced the trajectory of their students’ progress in reading and math, fostering both personal and academic growth.


An exceptional teacher and consummate advocate for her System 44 English Language Learner (ELL) students, Ms. Barcarolo fosters a classroom community where students feel comfortable to learn and take risks. Ms. Barcarolo’s class represents twelve different countries. She takes the time to work individually with students and promotes small group instruction so she can provide immediate feedback while students learn collaboratively. She encourages her students to read out loud and records their presentations so students and teacher colleagues can watch the videos as a learning experience.


“The epitome of a professional educator, Ms. Barcarolo combines reading goals, classroom rigor, goal setting, and consistent constructive feedback with the ultimate binder - relationships," said Jon Bremseth, Principal of Palmetto Ridge High School. “Her students truly benefit from her ability and passion to make learning relevant and attainable. Ms. Barcarolo is a tribute to the profession of education.”


“Ms. Barcarolo personalizes the education of each student to make it meaningful, impactful, and attainable. She truly embraces our school motto, which is 'One School, One Family,'" said Kristen Gauly, Guidance Counselor at Palmetto Ridge High School. “This year, Ms. Barcarolo worked to get daily snacks for her students, worked on their needs, and granted each a wish. Some of those wishes spanned from getting extra mentors, additional counseling, grief therapy, and even a washing machine to assist a family that was homeless.”


“My philosophy as an educator has always been that students will not remember every single thing I taught them, but they will forever remember how I treated them,” said Ms. Barcarolo. “Each year, I am determined to make my classroom a safe environment for students to learn, take risks, and gain confidence. My students are on a journey to graduation from the moment they enter my classroom and are the reason for my success as a teacher.”


Ms. Barcarolo is in select company. Click here to read about this year's 180 Educator Award winners