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Collier County Public Schools is absolutely thrilled to introduce you to this month's lineup of District All-Stars! Brace yourselves for an electrifying showcase of talent as we present these nine extraordinary student-athletes who are setting the bar sky-high. From dominating the soccer pitch to ruling the basketball court, from owning the wrestling mat to crushing it in the weight room, these dynamic individuals are truly unstoppable forces. The winter sports season is ablaze with excitement, and it's all thanks to these powerhouse team leaders who are igniting the flames of success across the District! 

Samantha Mey – Aubrey Rogers High School, Spencer Clayton – Barron Collier High School, Teddy Smallwood – Everglades City School, Chrisna Charlot – Golden Gate High School, Taegan Mason – Gulf Coast High School, Ciara Gonzalez – Immokalee High School, Aoife Bowe – Lely High School, Jaden Wolner – Naples High School, and Melody Charlton – Palmetto Ridge High School. 


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