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May 10, 2024
Dear Valued Staff, Parents, and Community Members,
You may have heard rumors related to music and fine arts positions within our school district. First and foremost, staffing is based on overall school enrollment and student requests for courses. The allocation process for School Year 2024-25 continues to be fluid. In the spirit of transparency and communication, I wanted to provide you with some facts.
Rumor: Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) is eliminating music programs.
Fact: CCPS has made—and will continue to make—significant investments in arts education. Course offerings are driven by a combination of student requests and minimum class-size requirements. District and school leadership firmly believe music and fine arts programs are fundamental to developing critical thinking, leadership skills, time management, peer-to-peer connections, and creative problem solving among students. Additionally, there is a wealth of research linking music education to student achievement, which is why our commitment begins with our Pre-K students learning violin continuing on through elementary general music and into secondary music offerings such as band, chorus, and orchestra.
Rumor: Fifteen (15) music educator positions are “going away.”
Fact: There have been no music educators released from CCPS. In fact, we are currently hiring music educators. Every year, there is movement of teachers across schools. This movement often occurs because of natural attrition, such as retirement and resignation due to relocation.
Statements being made that CCPS does not care or value arts education are simply not true. To increase awareness, exposure, and participation in the arts, in January I started the CCPS Arts Council, which is composed of approximately 40 individuals from local arts organizations, university professors, and students enrolled in the arts programs within our schools. This council serves as a think tank for advancing arts education in our schools. Growing up in Collier County, I participated in, benefited from, and continue to support high-quality arts education.
Dr. Leslie C. Ricciardelli
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Dr. Leslie C. Ricciardelli
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