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eLearns Update #4


★ CCPS eLearns! ★

Teacher-Led Virtual Instruction Began
on Monday, March 30th!


Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) is committed to supporting children and families in continuous learning, and we are off to a great start! On Monday, March 30th, students began using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) to access coursework with teachers.


Student Expectations for Online Learning
Virtual Teacher-Led Instruction is conducted by your child's teacher(s) and grades for fourth quarter began Monday, March 30th

  • NEW - Attendance for students is entered weekly (Monday, 8:00am, to the following Monday, 7:59am) based on activity in the Canvas LMS or other communication

  • NEW - beginning April 6th - For elementary students, the duration of Related Arts (Art, Music, Instructional Resource-IR, and Physical Education-PE) has been updated from approximately 15 minutes each day to approximately 10 minutes each day beginning on April 6th

    As all assignments are flexible, students may choose to complete activities for a particular area in one or two days, instead of working on the assignment daily

    - Elementary Art: approx. 10 minutes per day
    - Elementary Music: approx. 10 minutes per day
    - Elementary Instructional Resource: approx. 10 minutes per day
    - Elementary Physical Education: approx. 10 minutes per day

  • NEW - beginning April 6th - All teachers will have “office hours” posted on the Canvas homepage for their class or course. These are times daily when they are readily available to communicate with students and parents

  • REMINDER - Friday, April 10th, and Monday, April 13th, are non-school/non-work days and teachers will not post assignments for these days in Canvas. For families that would like to maintain the eLearns routine, however, there will be optional, enrichment activities available at to keep learning alive!

  • Students are expected to log in to Canvas daily ( and regular activity is necessary for these eLearning days to count as part of the 180-day academic calendar

  • Students may work flexibly throughout the day as multiple children may be using one device in a home and assignment submission is within a week (not daily). Please review directions from your child’s teacher for specific expectations

  • Students can plan for an average daily time for learning based on the below outline, although some students will work more quickly and other tasks may take more time

    • Pre-Kindergarten:  1½ hours
    • Kindergarten - 2nd Grade:  3 hours
    • 3rd Grade - 5th Grade:  4 hours
    • 6th Grade - 12th Grade:  4½ hours

  • All materials needed to engage in eLearns should be readily available in a home setting and special materials are not required. If you have questions regarding any assignments, please contact your child’s teacher or school principal

  • Please contact with any questions

VIDEO: Teacher-Led Virtual Instruction
Click here to view a video that will provide more information about CCPS eLearns for the week of March 30th and moving forward.

Click here to access our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have specific questions regarding our CCPS eLearns online learning, please send an email to

If you have a District-issued laptop and have questions or technical issues, please send an email to

Click here for instructions on connecting your District-issued laptop to your home Wi-Fi network.


We ask that all parents visit the CCPS Portal to make sure their contact information is correct to ensure they receive important information. We will continue to utilize all of our communication channels for updates throughout this situation.