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UPDATE: Moving Forward Plan (safety glasses update, extended survey window, instructional models video, parent choice/out-of-zone)


July 21, 2020

Since our Moving Forward reopening plan was announced last week, we continued to seek advice from our local medical experts and the Department of Health-Collier, this further discussion provides creative solutions to mitigating the risk of COVID-19. 


Out of an abundance of caution, as the highest level of protection against COVID-19, wraparound safety glasses are highly recommended (optional). Safety glasses provide an additional layer of protection for the individual wearing the glasses.

Face coverings/masks will be required
for everyone in Collier County Public Schools (CCPS). As our medical professionals have shared, face coverings provide protection for “me to you” and “you to me” therefore, again, they will still be required. When we all wear our face coverings, each of us does our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. CCPS is committed to doing our part in this shared responsibility. 

CCPS will still provide a pair of safety glasses or face shield and face coverings for our students and staff because medical professionals say wearing both types of personal protective equipment provides the highest level of safety.


In order to provide additional time, the survey period is extended to next Monday, 7/27/20, to choose your child’s preferred instructional model for the new school year. You may make changes, through 7/27/20, even if you have already submitted your choice. Click here to access the survey.


Which option should you select for your child? WATCH this short video linked below to see an explanation of the four instructional models. Additionally, you will see how CCPS is investing in all students by increasing access to learning and decreasing barriers through Collier Connect, with each student receiving a device.

Video Link


For parents who choose eCollier Academy for their child, they will not lose their parental choice/out-of-zone spot. By enrolling at eCollier Academy although you will be withdrawing your child from the parental choice/out-of-zone school, students will retain their parental choice/out-of-zone selection during the Pandemic Health Emergency for School Year (SY) 2020-2021.

Looking ahead, if your child remains in eCollier Academy for the entire School Year (SY) 20-21, but you wish to return to your parental choice/out-of-zone school for SY 21-22, a seat will automatically be reserved, unless the parent notifies the District otherwise.


For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit

Please send any questions to

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as this is a fluid process which is subject to change as we approach the new school year. We appreciate your support and look forward to keeping student achievement Moving Forward!

Dr. Kamela Patton

Superintendent of Schools