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UPDATE: Moving Forward Plan - Option 2 Updated


Thank you your flexibility and understanding as we continue our adaptive and responsive approach to reopening for the 2020-21 school year. Based on current data resulting from the parent survey, there is a preference for a set/structured virtual learning model with the ability to remain enrolled at the students’ planned 2020-21 school (including parental choice/out of zone options) with your school’s teacher(s).



CCPS Classroom Connect (updated Option 2) is an innovative opportunity for students to continue to learn at home while remaining registered at their enrolled schools. CCPS Classroom Connect is designed for families that do not feel comfortable sending their children to campuses at this time but ultimately plan to rejoin in person at some point during the school year.


With CCPS Classroom Connect:

  • Students follow a similar school day schedule, virtually at home, as their on campus peers, with CCPS teacher(s) from their enrolled schools
  • Students stay enrolled in projected 2020-21 schools and are able to transition from virtual learning at home to on campus, or vice versa, at the end of the first or second quarter of the school year
  • Students that transition back to campus from CCPS Classroom Connect may have a different teacher than those in CCPS Classroom Connect, but will still be assigned to a teacher from their enrolled school
  • Seniors will stay enrolled and graduate from their current high school


The other three choice options remain the same: Option 1 (on campus five days per week); Option 3 (eCollier Academy flexible model); and Option 4 (home education).


The parent survey has been updated to reflect the change of Option 2 from the eCollier Academy set/structured model to CCPS Classroom Connect. Please access the survey IF you would like to update your option choice for the 2020-21 school year by 7/27 OR have not yet completed the survey. Click here to access the survey.


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Thank you again for your support and understanding as we expand options for the 2020-21 school year as this situation continues to develop over time. We are here to offer support in making decisions that are best for each child, and we know that there is no one “right” option for everyone.


If you have general questions, please contact With questions specific to the instructional options, please contact