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INPUT REQUESTED: Planning the Pathway for Strategic Plan 2025-2029



Welcome to Planning the Pathway! Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) is developing a new five-year strategic plan that will outline the district’s major goals for school years 2024-25 through 2028-29. Planning the Pathway allows YOU to provide direct input to the process.


In our ongoing commitment to authentic engagement, a series of questions will be asked, one at a time, over the next four months.


The questions will be shared using CCPS communication platforms (social media, website, email, text) to ensure we reach as many people as possible. Answering each question should require no more than five minutes. Participants will also have the opportunity to review and rate responses of others using a 5-star scale (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree). All responses and ratings are anonymous.


The first question period starts today (September 21) and will close on October 4.


Click here to answer Planning the Pathway Question #1 and review/rate other participant responses.


Through this process, we will create a new CCPS Strategic Plan together to focus our work over the next five years. Your input is greatly appreciated!