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INPUT REQUESTED: Question #2 of Planning the Pathway


Thank you to all who provided input on question #1 of Planning the Pathway to our new five-year strategic plan. We evaluated 5,383 comments and more than 140,000 ratings that shared thoughts on a variety of topics. The top themes reflecting the most important next steps for the school district focused on high-quality teachers, curriculum, and class size.

The response window for question #2 starts today (October 18) and will close on November 1, 2023.

Click here to answer Planning the Pathway Question #2 and review/rate other participant responses.

Answering this question should require no more than five minutes. Participants will also have the opportunity to review and rate responses of others using a 5-star scale (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree). All responses and ratings are anonymous.

NOTE: Comments may be flagged if they are rude or hurtful to a person or group of people or identify individuals either by name or affilitation with a small group.


  • Click here to view presentation with highlights of the results
  • Click here to view an interactive overview of the results on ThoughtExchange
  • Regarding input received about class size and overcrowding, two new elementary schools will be built in the upcoming years.

To learn more about the strategic plan process, please visit

Your input is greatly appreciated! Through this process, we will create a new CCPS Strategic Plan together to focus our work over the next five years.