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2023-2024 December District All-Stars




It’s time once again for Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) to recognize our District All-Stars. These talented high school student-athletes from across the district represent a myriad of both boys and girls varsity sports. The skillful group of nine includes statistical leaders in Collier County, leaders on and off the field or court, and a few up-and-rising stars!   

Pictured left to right: Madelyn Hamisch – Aubrey Rogers High School, Edin Abougzir – Barron Collier High School, Gena Collins – Everglades City School, Gregory Breston – Golden Gate High School, Jace Seyler – Gulf Coast High School, Leonardo Concepcion – Immokalee High School, Maggie Poling – Lely High School, Annika Andersen – Naples High School, and Hayden Clark – Palmetto Ridge High School.   



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