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Final 2018-19 Elementary Progress Reports (grades PK-5) and Secondary Report Cards (grades 6-12) are printed at the District office and mailed home.  Elementary Progress Reports will be delivered by the USPS by July 5th


Secondary Report Cards will be delivered by the USPS 2-3 weeks after the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) releases End-of-Course (EOC) exam results, as these scores are the final exam grade for specific middle and high school courses (Algebra 1, Biology, Civics, Geometry, United States History).  2019 State test scores must be provided to school districts by the FDOE by June 30th


Secondary Report Cards are available now on the FOCUS Parent Portal.  For more information on accessing the FOCUS Parent Portal, including how to create a CCPS Profile, visit  The initial electronic report cards will not have final grades for Algebra 1, Biology, Civics, Geometry, and United States History.  Once the FDOE releases the EOC results, the electronic report cards will be updated to include final grades for all courses, including the courses with an EOC assessment.  Please note, the initial Quarter 4 electronic report card will not have a finalized Grade Point Average (GPA) nor Cumulative Credits Earned.  When EOC results are released and electronic report cards are updated, GPA and Cumulative Credits Earned will be available.


State test score results will be provided to students to bring home at the start of the 2019-20 school year.  State test score results will also be viewable by students and parents in the Data Warehouse (accessible via the CCPS Parent Portal) shortly after release by the FDOE.