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It has been brought to our attention that fraudulent text messages have been circulating alleging to be from Collier County Public Schools officials. These text messages are part of a smishing (using mobile numbers) or phishing (using email) scam and are not legitimate. The scam message is from an individual with an unrecognized phone number claiming to be a Collier County Public Schools official. This message will typically ask you to 'Kindly let me know if you receive my text'. We are recommending that you DO NOT reply to that text. If you do, it will begin a conversation which will ultimately ask you to donate gift cards for a district official to provide to diligent staff members. Follow up messages may ask for payment of gift cards or other related items. If you receive a suspicious text, please delete the message and do not respond or click on any links within the message.

Official text messages from Collier County Public Schools will NEVER request personal information such as passwords, pin numbers, codes, account access, credit card numbers, money transfers, or purchases to be made on behalf of the sender. CCPS text messages are used to provide important information during emergency/weather situations and reminders of important events or initiatives. 

Smishing uses fraudulent mobile text messages to trick people into sending money to cybercriminals, sharing sensitive information, or downloading malware. Below are suggestion of ways you can protect yourself against these attacks. 

  • Be cautious when opening messages from unknown senders even if they identify themselves as someone you know and trust.
  • Check the phone number from which the text comes.
  • Do not respond if you are suspicious.
  • Do not click on any links.
  • NEVER provide passwords, pin numbers, codes, account information, credit card numbers, or other personally identifiable information (PII) via text message.

If you have any questions, please contact the Collier County Public Schools Information Technology Help Desk at 239-377-0445 or