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Hurricane Make-Up Days and Free Breakfast/Lunch



Collier County Public Schools closed for six school days (September 27 - October 4) due to Hurricane Ian. Wednesday, October 5, was a previously scheduled day off for students and teachers according to the 2022-23 Academic School Calendar.


After reviewing both the instructional time requirements per FL Statute 1011.60(2) and our 2022-23 Academic School Calendar, there is currently no impact to the scheduled Hurricane Make-Up Days (November 21 and 22). At this time, CCPS will not need to make up the six days we were closed for Hurricane Ian, due to the amount of scheduled instructional time in the first semester. We will continue to follow the 2022-23 calendar as planned.


While we certainly hope Collier County does not experience any additional storm impacts, it is important to remember that hurricane season is not yet over. Future updates and changes to our academic calendar are dependent upon the level of storm activity and impact to our overall operations.



Collier County Public Schools is pleased to announce that FREE breakfast and lunch will be available to ALL students for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year. Unless your child purchases a-la carte (snack) items, existing lunch account balances will not be charged. Adult priced meals will continue to be offered at their respective prices. For additional information, please visit