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Dear Parent/Guardian,


May 28th is the final Virtual Learning Day of the year for CCPS students in Pre-Kindergarten through 11th grade. As a reminder, these Virtual Learning Days count as part of the required days of instruction and allows CCPS to maintain the current academic calendar and not extend the school year. May 28th is different from previous Virtual Learning Days as it is teacher-directed. Students will be assigned current work from their teachers and must access each course (between the time period of May 27, 4:00pm - May 31, 11:59pm) to be marked present for attendance purposes.


Students may work flexibly throughout this time period with the below total approximate learning time. Some students will work more quickly and other tasks may take more time.

  • Pre-Kindergarten:  1½ hours
  • Kindergarten - 2nd Grade:  3 hours
  • 3rd Grade - 5th Grade:  4 hours
  • 6th Grade - 11th Grade:  4½ hours

Each teacher will have a posted office hour on May 28th (Canvas home page) to support any needs from students and parents. Please also contact your school principal with any questions.


You may also contact for additional support.