Alex De La Cruz, Cosmetology Student

Alex De La Cruz, Cosmetology Student

There are some people  who always forge ahead  no matter how tough life is.  They are the ones who are determined to succeed, to be the best they can be and prosper.  One of those people is Alex De La Cruz, Immokalee Technical College’s December Student of the Month.

Throughout high school, Alex didn’t have much of a support system.  Although there were friends and acquaintances who helped out from time to time, the only one that Alex could always rely on was himself!  By the time he graduated from Immokalee High School in 2019, he had learned to speak English, and he had a plan.  He was determined to enroll in iTECH’s cosmetology program, which he did in August 2019.

“I always heard what a good teacher she (Delia Lozano) is, and I like how she works,” recollects Alex.  “The class is fun.  The class is like a family.”  That was the motivation that enabled Alex to  work three jobs-Domino’s Pizza, Oakes Farms, and Home Depot- while attending the cosmetology program full time.

Alex said that in class some of the skills he learned were how to color hair, cut and style hair, apply make-up, and do nails, but his specialty and favorite thing to do is cut hair.  When asked about the most challenging part of the class Alex said, “ It was learning to believe in myself and having confidence in  my work.”   He added, “We do a lot of art in the class.  Doing hair is doing art.  It is exciting to make a change for the client.”

Mr. De La Cruz is enhancing his experience by interning at the Dal Meraki Salon (his cosmetology teacher’s salon) in Immokalee and at a barber shop in Golden Gate .  His goal is to own his own salon in downtown Naples.  Don’t be surprised if you see the Alex De La Cruz Salon on 5th Ave. one of these days!