Quinten Poindexter, Machining Student (CME)

Quinten Poindexter, Machining Student

“I love it.  I like expanding my skills,” is how Quinten Poindexter, Immokalee Technical College’s (iTECH) Student of the Month for January responded when asked how he felt about the machining program at the Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CME), iTECH’s  career training satellite school in Golden Gate.

Professionally, Quinten Poindexter has a good career as a personal trainer and masseuse.  At home, he is quite the handyman.  He can fix just about anything, especially if it involves wood.  He and his wife have a young son and recently welcomed a baby.  Quinten was satisfied with everything about his life except he knew wanted to change careers.   “I was always interested in working with metal.  I didn’t even know that working in metal was a viable career until recently,” he said.  That is when Quinten found the Center for Manufacturing Excellence in Golden Gate.

Quinten enrolled in the CME’s Machining program on August 31, 2020, and now, five months later, he has completed over half of the 15 month program. “I like the way the classroom instruction can be adjusted,” he said referring to the flexibility the teacher has in working with the students.  Each student works at his/her own pace while adhering to the time parameters of the program, and the teacher is able to help students one-on-one.  “I started off working on manual, mill, and lathe machines.  I got used to working with metal, and I feel more comfortable now working with precision measurements.  I have made a vice, a clamp, and a small hammer,” he adds.

Quinten, who always takes the time to lend a hand to a fellow student when he/she needs it, has already interviewed with several different companies.  “There are a lot of listings for this kind of work.  I feel confident going into the future,” he said with a smile.