Siarrah Foster, Practical Nursing Student

SOM Oct 2021

iTECH is proud to have Practical Nursing student Siarrah Foster (Siri) on campus and representing iTECH in the community. She is a phenomenal student who was able to use her skills to help in a life-threatening situation. On August 23, Siarrah went to CVS to receive her COVID Vaccination in Immokalee. As she waited to be seen by the Minute Clinic, she overheard the man across from her having chest pains and noticed he was gripping his chest. There was only one nurse at the time seeing patients and after a while, the nurse decided to take her lunch break. Siri found herself in a scary situation when suddenly she hears a scream and notices the gentleman had collapsed and was unconscious in the waiting area. Adrenaline was pumping and she quickly remembered her CPR training at iTECH. She sprang into action, and when she couldn’t feel a pulse, she immediately started chest compressions. As Siri continued CPR, someone went to get the attention of the nurse on break. She shared, “It was so scary, I’ve never done CPR on a living person! It is a crazy feeling how hard a human chest feels when doing chest compressions--which feels very different than a manikin.” The next thing you know the paramedics, the fire department, and police were at the scene. They all commended her for her bravery and quick-thinking to start CPR on the man. The nurse on duty was also so impressed that she had also offered Siri a position to work at the CVS Minute Clinic or pharmacy in the near future if she was interested. After being asked how she felt about the situation she encountered she said, “My arms felt so sore the next day! But, I’m more excited than ever to start my journey as a nurse. I have so much potential to offer in this field. I truly believe it is my calling to help people, and my teacher Mrs. McConnell says I have a natural gift.” Siarrah is looking forward to graduating this November and she will be a valued person to any health facility she chooses to be a part of.