About GGMS


    We are the home of the Falcons!

    Golden Gate Middle School was established in 1982, with a significant addition added in 2006. We continue to beautify our campus, with significant renovations to rooms, flooring, and landscaping occurring this summer. It is our goal that GGMS continue to be a cornerstone in Golden Gate City and a place for the community to meet.

    Our staff, parents, and community strive to develop students who are driven to achieve, strong in character, and ready to contribute to their community. As such, there is something for everyone at GGMS. In addition to core courses in language arts, math, science and social studies, we offer electives including music, journalism, technology, art, physical education, and culinary.

    Please stop by and visit GGMS, a special place where staff, students, parents, and community members all work together to SOAR!


    Falcon Head
    We Set expectations for success.
    We Organize our time and our schedules.
    We Attend our classes and arrive on time.
    We Respect ourselves and others.