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    Free Sports Physicals

    FREE SPORTS PHYSICAL at Everglades City School 

    (Added - May 12, 2022) 

    Free Sports Physicals at Everglades City School

    Who: All student athletes who will be in the 6th grade next school year and up.

    Date: Saturday, June 4, 2022

    Time: 10:00am

    Location: Gym

    Must bring signed minor consent form and the front page of the EL2 filled out. 

    The doctor will fill out the back side of the EL2.

    Click Sports Physical Form

    Click - Minor Consent Form

    Please RSVP to Angela at the Front Desk 377-9800. 

    We need to know how many student athletes will be participating.



     High School Athletic Summer Opportunity

    (April 1, 2022)

    The FHSAA is offering a one day student-athlete leadership seminar for any high school student who would like to attend. 

    This would include our current eight grade through 11th grade students. 

    The first 100 student in each section to apply will be allowed to participate. 

    The cost is $35. 

    Location:  South Ft. Myers High School 

    Registration is Open from March 30 - June 13, 2022. 

     Registration LINK:  Website to REGISTER


     May 4, 2022 - FREE Sports Physicals 

    Free Sports Physicals



    Attention EVG,

    This year all sports packet paperwork and signatures will be done online at AthleticClearance.com.  All Athletes or parents will need to go to AthleticClearance.com and create an account.  Any paperwork that needs printed like the EL2 sports physical paper is online.  Parents and student athletes will sign on forms with an electronic signature.  The 3 NFHSlearn.com videos will be submitted AthleticClearance.com also.  Attached is a reference sheet for anyone who might be interested. 

     I have created a video to be played on the EVGnews, facebook/twitter, and posted the reference sheet on the EVG website too!

     Please let myself or Angela know if you have any questions.

     Mrs. Whitcomb

    Click below for the - 

    Instructional Video





    Athletic Co-Ordinator          Jill Whitcomb            whitcj2@collierschools.com

    Athletic Code of Conduct 
    2021-22 Student Code of Conduct



    Athletic Event Tickets   
    • General Admission Tickets to all home EVG games are $4.00 for student tickets and $6.00 for adult tickets. 
    • Digital Tickets may be purchased  - Digital Ticket Link
    • For all FHSAA sanctioned events FHSAA prices will be in effect. For state playoffs, FHSAA prices will be in effect.

    Athletic Registration Requirements
     Athletic participation packet (all required forms )

    link to be able to purchase school insurance  School Insurance link


    FHSAA link